28 October 2010

Second Week in October 2010

Monday I felt like crap, so I stayed home and played video games. Tuesday I also stayed home, but I already had a doctor's appointment. The appointment was for a yearly checkup, so I can tell you my prostate is in good health (sorry, no pictures), but that wasn't the only think that happened, it was a busy appointment. I had a mole frozen off, I hate that. My foot got x-rayed, I hurt it in Chicago and it has been painful since. I got a 'steroid' shot for my allergies too. I thought I'd put on weight, but it was 173.

So back to my foot. I think I stepped on a dog toy or a dog bone on Tuesday night in Chicago, then walked all those miles downtown the next day. I don't know which was the cause. Doctor Laurie wanted me to stay off my feet as best I can ... so I sat in the room on Tuesday night during blues dance practice and watched and tried to learn. Wednesday night was more of the same, I watched 'Thriller' practice, it was the best that I'd seen it performed.

Thursday was the latest installment of our Pathfinder game. We definitely are getting smarter, I mean I had actually had a shovel when we needed to dig something.

Friday I went to the dance, but I worked the front desk until Merinda's birthday jam. I jumped in, and although I hurt my foot, I decided it wasn't so bad that I couldn't dance the rest of the night, so I did!

Saturday during the day I worked to finish my costume before Jenny's Birthday Costume Bash. If you haven't see my costume already, I am not going to include it in these pictures so you can be surprised if you see me Halloween week Friday or Saturday. I did about three hours of sewing and configuring to get it right. I won second place!

Rick won for the the second year in a row, he beat me by one. Jenny said she was a 'candy' monster.

Several of us did the 'Thrill the World' dance in the driveway.

100_8481 100_8482 100_8485
100_8488 100_8489 100_8430
There were many good costumes.

I thought the lighting for this was going to be horrible, but it turned it great.

Stupid o'clock generated some pretty amazingly funny conversation ... 'cause it was stupid o'clock, not because it was actually funny. Photo credit: Matt

Yes, you can cheat and see what I wore by clicking here on all my photos from the party, Matt's are here. Lots of people put pictures up on Facebook.

Sunday was the latest installment of Mass Chaos. Afterwards we went to DJ's Dugout to watch the Bears play, yeah. I firmly believe my team is the hardest playing defense, the most fun special teams, and the most stupendously annoying offense. Two out of three ain't bad, but it won't get you to the playoffs. Sunday wrapped up with another installment of Pathfinder game. We managed to complete our first big challenge, time to level up, queue the training montage.

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