09 September 2011

~ Hiatus ~

It's now the new improved hiatus message. This one has NFL predictions. I think there will be a short break in my posting due to busyness, look for the return of the Onion Skin News in October (or before).

Here are my annual NFL predictions (although I can't find the one from last year):
North: Baltimore
South: Tennessee (this is probably weird, but no one looks good)
East: New England
West: Oakland
Wild Card: Pittsburgh
Wild Card: Jets

Champion: New England

North: Green Bay
South: New Orleans
East: NY Giants
West: St. Louis
Wild Card: Chicago
Wild Card: Dallas

Champion: New Orleans

Superbowl Champion: New Orleans

1 comment:

Jems said...

I think there's a hyphen in "busy-ness". :-)