27 September 2011

Labor Day Week 2011

Whoa, what's that? It's a three day holiday. I started my Monday off with lunch and a walk with Maggie out west. Lunch was Old Chicago and the walk was up the 144th street path.

In the afternoon there was a party for Kimee's sweet 16. The first event was bowling, then we headed over to Shannon and Scott's for the birthday celebration.

Rachel helps Ally, though I'm not sure she cared what she scored.

Teenagers are good at pushing boundaries.
Kamber shows this off with a pudding and hamburger combination.

Good Kimee...

...funny Kimee...

...don't mess with me Kimee.

I took a birthday sized bunch of pictures for Kimee at her party, if you'd like to see them, you can find them here.

Tuesday I went up to the hospital to visit Kevin, he was out of intensive care, and I was pretty happy to see other people were visiting him. I stayed for a little while, then came home and worked on uploading pictures from Kimee's party.

Wednesday was the last of my fantasy football drafts, I think I did pretty well in this one, it wasn't that hard to do considering I had the first pick in the draft. The weird part of the draft is that Peyton Manning went #4 in the draft even though it was pretty well known that he wouldn't be playing for quite a while this season.

The rest of Wednesday and Thursday were pretty boring except for the whole start of the NFL season thing.

Friday after work I went and visited Kevin again right after work, again I was happy to see people there visiting him. I went home and then to the dance, but I didn't do much dancing because of the Midnight Run at, you know midnight. Rachel and I met at the Eagles and then walked over with Jillian to the starting spot. I heard that they were expecting about 500 entrants and got almost 2000.

Rachel and I pre-race! We're running for you Kayleen!

Having a last name high in the alphabet has it's advantages. Rachel and I planned to run together the entire way, and we did ... although, I finished ahead of her by three seconds. It was fun, and I'd do it again. While walking back to our cars, we saw some people just leaving the dance at the Eagle's and sat and talked for half hour.

Saturday morning I got up and went and visited Kevin again. Since I was in the area I went shopping over in Shadow Lake and came home and ... um ... felt like cleaning. It's rare, but when it happens, I clean. Just before 1700 I went up to Saint Joan of Arc parish for Mass and to enjoy their annual parish 'Sausage Fest'. Frank won $250 at pickles, that should keep Brianne hating him for a while. I had nothing to do on Saturday night, so several of us ended up meeting at Mic's for karaoke. Sarah A. has decided to do Mic's karaoke world tour (like the Old Chicago world tour, but with 250 songs) and she got a few in and so did I.

Want to know why I went to Mass on Saturday night? It's easy, da Bears playing at noon. The first three games of the year looked brutal, and I thought I'd be happy winning one of the three ... so that's a good start winning one of one. Right after the game I headed downtown to the Eagle's lodge and the final Cowtown meeting and lodge clean up. I did about 90 minutes of work, and then headed home.

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