23 September 2011

August / September Bridge Week 2011

The beginning of September and the end of hot weather. I like it warm, don't mind hot, don't mind humid, I'll stay out of the sun, but that has more to do with my skin than the temperature. I celebrated the start of the last week of summer by working. Yay.

Tuesday I finally gave up on my 'lower back' pain and made a doctor's appointment. After all was said and done, I have been diagnosed with a problem with my hip alignment, and I'll be seeing a physical therapist for a while. I call it bad muscle memory, and I'll have to build up new muscles to help get everything aligned correctly.

Later in the day was Ben's birthday celebration. We ate at Upstream, I finally found a beer there I didn't care for, the seasonal Saguaro Southwest Wit. I drank it quickly because I didn't like it, I'm not certain that was the right thing to do, but hey, it got me to a better beer quicker. We had a nice dinner and then traveled up to Mr. Toad's for drinks until around 2230.

Wednesday after work was my first fantasy football draft of the year, my work league. There are six of us in a points only league, so the draft went very quickly. On the way home I picked up dinner in honor of Troy's birthday.

Thursday after work I went right over to Maeg's house right after dinner and we played a game of Mansions of Madness. As much as I like Arkham Horror, you'd think that I would have an strong opinion on MoM, but really I'm kind of meh on it. I was into it for about ten minutes of play time, but it wasn't as interesting as a lot of other games I play. When we finished, with a win, I let myself get talked into a quick game of Race for the Galaxy. Surprise! I lost, but I felt like I was doing well, does that count?

Friday after work I went to Mic's for Bente's birthday celebration. Guess what! They have food there and karaoke starting at 1800. I sang three times before 2000, and was quite happy about it. I did Diamond Rio's "One More Day" (because it started out country), Tom Petty's "Free Falling", Staind's "It's Been a While", and then after 2000 I managed to get one more song in, Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea".

Bente's birthday 09-02-11 31 of 35 - VK
Bente gets the best back up singers when she does
Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". Photo credit: VK

VK, Joe, and I left there and went over to Village Inn and VK sat on one side and Joe and I on the other and we entertained her for about 45 minutes with our chatter. I'm not really sure what we talked about, because it was late, but it was highly entertaining.

Saturday morning I slept in until noon. After I finally pulled my carcass out of bed, I went over to Rachel and Jason's housewarming party. I hadn't seen Hugh and Sarah since the wedding, but they were there with the their baby. The house was very nice in a quiet neighborhood with a strange kind of vibe. The funniest part was when I was sitting there and in walked tall Frank, we both looked at each other as if to say 'why are you here. I was there because of my friendship with Rachel, but he was there because he has known Jason for years. I came home and decided that I needed to get some lawn work done. After mowing and cleaning up, I went up to the hospital to visit Kevin. I don't think he remembered much of the visit, but he did remember it.

Sunday morning I woke up earlier than I expected that I would, so I went for a walk. I got back in time for fantasy football draft number two, this one for Kaleb's league, a ten player head to head league. I felt I did pretty well picking second, and history is on my side in that league with a first and a third place finish in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

After the draft and a nap, I went to Mass up at St. Vincent de Paul and Bente and VK met me there. The reason that I decided to go to Mass there is because Jenny was having an end of summer party at her house. I was a little late because Mass was at 1700 and the party began at 1730, but I was just in time for the food to be ready to eat. Hugh and Sarah were there, so if you're keeping score, I hadn't seen them in ten months, and then twice in one two days. After a good meal, the adventure began.

Matt and I played a game of two handed frisbee, despite the appearance
of this picture, we actually did catch them both at the same time. Photo credit: Matt

The neighbor cat came to visit, leading to this very strange picture.

We played a game of Telestrations, which became
oddly specific with some strange drawings. Photo credit: Matt

P1080168 P1080177
There were the usual shenanigans, of course, I wasn't involved at all. Both photos credit: Matt

I haven't been in much of a picture taking mood lately, but fortunately, Matt has, you can see all his photos of Jenny's party here ... and that was the end of two thirds of my holiday weekend.

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