19 October 2011

First Week in October 2011

Monday and Tuesday were both boring days because I didn't do much because of my neck still hurting from whatever I did to it on Saturday. Wednesday it got a little better. Thursday, however, it had begun to loosen up and I went to work and by the end of the day, I felt fine.

After work I went up to the first session of the fall Theology on Tap Series. The speaker was Teresa from the Pro Sanctity Movement. She spoke about modern saints. It was my second time seeing her, she is a sweet woman, what a great example of living a life in service to others.

On the way home, I dropped off some of Anne's favorite chips, Frito Kettle Cooked Spicy Cayenne Cheddar at her house. I can find them all the time at Hy-Vee, but I know that she has a tougher time locating them.

Friday I took the day off, mostly because it was my on call incentive half day anyway. In the morning I ran a bunch of errands. In the afternoon, I ran ... literally, almost two miles. I realize that I am in the middle of an exercise lull, I'm just not motivated. While I am trying to keep some of it routine, it's been very difficult. I hope to be able to get my motivation back, and at the very least be able to meet my goal of 365 miles of walking this year. I'm right around a mile a day, so I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

I had dinner with Kevin at the Hy-Vee buffet. He talked about all of the changes in his life ... as usual, he was a good listen with non-typical observations. We headed up to the usual Friday dance. After the dance was over, I went to Village Inn and sat and talked to Matt and Vivian until almost 0200. That's a pretty good evening, dinner and conversation, dancing, and dinner and conversation.

Saturday I went with VK to her brother's wedding. It was very nice wedding, the ceremony was at Saint Paul's Methodist Church in Papillion. The reception was downtown at the Embassy Suites, like I said very nice. All of VK's family was there, including her grandparents from Norway.

Congratulations Mindy and Isaac!

No, I didn't pick my own shirt or tie, that's why I look so nice.

Somewhere in Norway, people are laughing about this picture.

Part of the reason that I'm including this is because I got Bente to pose for it, captured it, and processed it almost exactly like what I envisioned in my mind ...
the other part is that it's a good picture.

At least two people have 'borrowed' my pictures for their Facebook profiles ... stealing is a compliment, right? Anyways, I took a mess of pictures, you can find them here. VK actually posted pictures to Flickr, who knew, you can find her pictures of the wedding here ... including one of an obvious case of cloning. Just one quick rant, I don't understand how the DJ, in a family atmosphere (there were kids running everywhere), could choose a set list with half the songs having swear words in it. I'm not naming the company, but it's not the first time that I've seen it happen from them.

I left the wedding about 2230, then went over to Kaleb's for the rest of his game night. I played zero board games, but enjoyed some Rock Band and more 'Around the World' Ping Pong. It's amazing how sore that game can leave you feeling the next day.

Sunday I slept in, then met Maggie for a photo shoot downtown for the Miss Heartland Swing Calendar. The photos turned out well, but it turns out they don't want any portrait pictures, the suggestions are a little different than what we did, and so probably none of them will be usable for the calendar.

I thought it was fun, but it was probably about 40 pictures too long for Maggie (I took 206). She started to lose a little patience with the wind and her hair. I tried to get her out of the wind and talked to her in Merry's voice about the ring of power to get her to laugh. You can find the rest of the pictures I took uploaded here ... it's a work in progress.

Later in the day I went to church, then came home and actually watched TV ... football, so not like a show or anything. I think it was a good week.

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