17 October 2011

Fourth Week in September 2011

It had to end some time, eleven days off of work, and finally I'm back to the grindstone. Part way through the work day, a coworker asked me to swap on call next week for this one ... sure. That could not have worked out better for me. So now I'm on call, so an already slow week is looking slower by the hour.

Tuesday after work VK brought some dinner over to my house, thank you. We ate downstairs in the basement because Troy had fallen asleep upstairs on the chair. Wednesday I finally got all my pictures from Cowtown uploaded, and had over 4000 hits over the next 24 hours. Thursday and Friday were slow both from a work perspective and a personal time perspective. You think I could have caught up on my blog, but no.

Saturday was Frank's housewarming party, and it was all day. I got there right around 1130, and didn't leave until 2345. I did leave in the middle of the party to go grocery shopping, then to church, then shopping again with Sarah.

Insolera BBQ Party Oct. 1, 2011 1 of 42 - Lisa
Even if you had been there,
you still wouldn't have known what was happening. Photo credit: Lisa

Insolera BBQ Party Oct. 1, 2011 25 of 42 - Lisa
I don't know if an explanation could help this one either. Photo credit: Lisa

Insolera BBQ Party Oct. 1, 2011 25 of 42 - Lisa
What's a three letter word meaning "Takes all the fun out of
a can of whipped cream"? ... 'MOM' Photo credit: Lisa

Lisa took all the pictures. I am still not sure how this works with Facebook, but it is possible that you can see them here. The only downside to the entire day was somehow pulling a neck muscle while watching TV ... I knew that idiot box was dangerous.

Sunday I was up and at DJs Dugout for the Bears and Panthers. We won to go 2-2, but we sure haven't looked good yet, also, leave it to the Bears to make a potentially easy win look exciting. Later in the afternoon, I went for a walk. That was it for a very slow on call week.

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ChezLisa said...

Our "closet capers" still make me giggle. I still think we could have squeezed a few more people in there.