27 December 2011

First Week in December 2011

Monday right after work I met VK at DQ in Ralston LaVista. We visited for just a short while before I headed over to Ben and Jess's apartment to play Arkham Horror. Jess did not play, so it was me, Maeg, Ben, CJ, Mike, and Kaleb. We won the first game (kind of by accident, "oh, look we have all the gates closed"), so we played a second one, which we also won.

Tuesday night after work I got Chipotle. Wednesday night I went to RCIA. Thursday was a little more exciting, a snowy commute after work, the latest version of Mass Chaos at Saint Margaret Mary, dinner afterwards at Noodles and Company, and then running around in the snow with two of Marilou's kids.

Friday right after work I went straight up 144th Street to Red Robin for Teri's birthday dinner. Why do I ever drive 144th Street between Dodge and Maple? It's horrible. I got to Red Robin and it was fun, the food was good, and as usual, the service was just weird and wrong. After dinner I went to Sarah A.'s (apparently) yearly ugly sweater board game night. I got there late, so I didn't do much with the games, although I filled in for a game of Wits & Wagers.

Miss Duckybutt was quite popular, unfortunately,
I was not feeling well enough to help with holding her. Photo credit: Matt

Sheesh, look at the camera! Look at the camera! Photo credit: Matt

Can't tell if she won the game, or is rocking out. Photo credit: Matt

If you'd like to see my two pictures from this party, they are here and here. If you actually want to see a bunch of pictures from this event, you can check out Matt's, they are here.

Saturday during the day I processed pictures during the day. Later in the day I hung out with Maggie. We did some shopping, had dinner at Lansky's, and then watched Fellowship of the Ring. One does not simply watch a Sean Bean movie with Maggie, she quotes all the lines.

Sunday morning was the installment of Mass Chaos at Dowd Memorial Chapel of the Immaculate Conception on the Boys Town campus. It had been several years since I went to Mass there, I had forgotten what a zoo (I mean this in a good way) it is there.

Later in the day we met Terry at her choice in bars for her birthday football celebration, and watched as the Bears got Tebowed. I would not be surprised if I am done watching the Bears for the year, it's pretty obvious that without Cutler and Forte, we're done. It's bitter because I really thought we were close to having a very special team, and that team from that other town is good.

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