30 December 2011

Third Week in December 2011

My camera has finally reached the end of it's life, the back screen no longer works correctly, meaning not really at all. I can get by with it by looking through the viewfinder, but it's old and tired. The shutter count shows 35,050, but I'm not certain that is accurate, it's been reset a couple of times. It will be a few months before I am ready to get a new one, so there may be a bunch of not-as-good iPhone pictures until I upgrade.

Monday I had finally had it with the migraine that began the previous week, and I was suspecting that I had a nasal infection. I went to the doctor and my suspicion was confirmed and I was given antibiotics. The headache disappeared within 36 hours, so I'm guessing I know my body pretty well. After work, I came home and slept.

Tuesday after work I went to the grocery store and then slept more. Wednesday my RCIA classes were cancelled, so I was unexpectedly home all night, so it was even more rest.

Thursday I finally felt awesome, on my way home I finished up my Christmas shopping, apart from picking up some printed photos from Walgreen's. When I got home Merinda and I did our gift exchange...

I got a Bear bear pillow. I did not scream like the kid in the ad.

Friday afternoon I was released from work early, and did some errands on the way home, including picking up those pictures. I got home and wrapped up my wrapping (did you see what I did there?). I met Jenny, Lydia, Jon, and Rachel downtown at the Conagra Ice Rink for some ice skating. I didn't fall at all, and my skates were sized perfectly. I tried to take pictures on my iPhone...

...but only one came out good enough to post.

Matt showed up long enough to get a shot of Lydia and some joker. Photo credit: Matt

I'm a little confounded why there isn't a tool for 'silver' or 'yellow' eye like I get with my iPhone. It's so rare I ever see red eye, but there are plenty of ways to get rid of it. There is a tool on Picnik, but it's labeled as 'for animals'.

From the ice rink, I headed to the weekly dance. I exchanged gifts with Maggie and Jillian. I did some dancing, although it was a sparse crowd, and then headed home around 2300.

Saturday I played Santa and delivered presents to Beth and Joe. Then I went up to VK's house for dinner and present exchange. Dinner was fabulous, and her family is quite enjoyable to be around. I got slippers and a hat / scarf / glove combination. We played a card game that doesn't have a family name.

In only my second try, I won the rice pudding prize! If you're wondering what is up with Bente's head, it's hard to explain, kind of like the rice pudding prize.

By the time the party wound down, it was after midnight, AND I was pretty tired. I went home and went to sleep. I did not go to midnight Mass. Sunday morning I did go with Joe to Holy Family parish downtown by the ballpark. It was a very small Mass, only about 20 people total in the congregation. When I got home, I took a nap - I really blog a lot about napping.

When I woke up, I headed over to Matt, Vivian, and Hannah Marie's house for Christmas dinner #2. I did a lot of Hannah holding, a lot of eating, and a lot of suggesting for Matt while he was helping get a computer set up for Jack.

This was one of her best behaved moments.

Uncle Eric is confusing activities Zeke would like with
activities that are appropriate for an infant.
Photo credit: Matt

Matt is highly amused by this picture, I think it looks
too much like someone who would hiss "Baggins". Photo credit: Matt

That was my Christmas week, next week: surprise, New Years!

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