25 January 2012

Third Week in January 2012

Monday was kind of a dull day with not much going on. I sat and chatted online most of the evening. Tuesday after work I went to the grocery store, came home cooked, and then got to work on the Mass Chaos Book. Good news, I downloaded Pages to help me with it; bad news, I lost about half the work that I had already done on it, so I'm a little behind on my goal of finishing by March 1.

This happened as I left work on Wednesday. It got me down more than it should have as I left work ... but the next 60 hours were pretty good.

After work I went with my RCIA group to see a presentation by Omar Guitierrez about the catacombs in Rome. The presentation was excellent and uplifting, I thought Omar said it was online, but I can't find it. Thursday I attended a lecture, this time by the Archbishop about saints. I appreciate the Archbishop very much, words that will stick with me "...if anyone asks you what God's purpose is for them, you can answer with confidence 'God's purpose for you is to be a saint and be with Him forever.'" Friday we met at Joe's house for the next two episodes in the Catholicism series. There was some fun as all three of Marilou's daughters and Lan tried to wrestle me to the ground at once, I prevailed until they got the bright idea to try tickling me instead ... oh, look, the next video is on.

After the videos ended, I went downtown to the dance ... I love the dance ... people are fun, dancing is fun. After the dance we went to Donut Stop and sat and talked until very late, meeting two new people, Rachel and Amanda. I'm thankful my life is so blessed with interesting people and activities.

Saturday at lunch I drove up to the Eagle's, where there was a dance weekend with Christian and Jenny coming up from Saint Louis to teach eight classes. I wasn't doing any of the dance class, but I did know there would be lots of people I would like to have lunch with, and I was right, I went out to lunch with ten other people. At the end of the lunch we came back to the Eagle's Lodge and there was music playing, so I danced with some people. Just as Christian and Jenny arrived, I was trying a move with Maggie that we had done before, but it went wrong, and Maggie and I ended up on the floor laughing. Christian spoke up to the room, and said "Next, we'll be learning this move."

After lunch I came home and napped, and then in the late afternoon I completed (my part of) the original Mass Chaos mission and visited the last of the churches on the list, Saint Agnes. I went to church not feeling very good about myself, and left with a new perspective and a sense of accomplishment. Thank you Teri for coming with me short notice.

After church I came home, met Maggie and Ben here, and we went out to eat with Christian and Jenny at Swine Dining. I showed them my pictures from Heartland Swing ... at least from the iPhone they looked like good pictures, better than I remember taking anyways. Maggie, Troy, and I played a game of Small World. Maggie had an impressive win. I think it's one of those games that I am very 'meh' about.

Sunday lunch was nearly an exact duplicate Saturday, except with five people instead of eleven, and no sprawling on the floor at the end of a dance move. The rest of the day was taken up with cooking and writing the Mass Chaos book.

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