01 February 2012

Fourth Week in January, 2012

This awaited me Monday morning as I went out to start my car. Thank you Jenny!

Monday after work I had the best of intentions to be productive, but that didn't go so well. I mostly chatted all night and played some computer games. So Tuesday I planned to get to work on my book, but instead, Kevin called me and we went out to dinner at Five Guys, so yes, I had a burger, but no ketchup. We stayed there an awfully long time talking. He told me he was leaving to move to Virginia the following Monday. On Wednesday I went to RCIA. It was a catch up night since we'd missed three sessions in a row, so I knew we'd be going late, but it was okay, the deacons have quite the comedy routine. Thursday was back to dullsville.

Friday started the fun. After work I took a nap, then off to the Jitterbugs dance. It was the usual good times, but I started to feel a little icky. I decided that I was going to forego the UNMC Skate-a-thon for Parkinson's ... but then eight other people were going, including Kevin who was on a victory tour of sorts. We got to the skate-a-thon around 0030, got laced up and started skating.

Things I did not know; Lee had never been skating (oops, sorry I knocked you over), since I think Maggie and Cecily can do anything I was surprised to see them unsure of themselves (so I held Maggie's hand), if I am going to fall I go forward, Maggie goes backward (I fell, kind of sideways), and core temperature matters (see picture below). At 0100 they did Thriller on ice, and at 0200 they did a skimpy skate.

Seriously, I can't do the dance on carpet or cement, these people are good.

IMG_0861 courtesy of Dena Rennard
My wrists got cold, especially the back of them, but really not my chest at all. Photo credit: Dena

I would not have done it if it weren't for Dena getting out there in just her dress. She went, then I went, then Cliff went, and finally Adam joined in with a T-Shirt on. So much for my manliness. After ten laps, the skinny (skimpy? skivvy?) skate was over, we got dressed, collected our prizes (a signed Husker shirt for me), and we headed over to Village Inn to eat and warm up. We were there until about 0330. I think I like to stay up once a weekend.

Understandably, I slept in on Saturday morning until almost noon, then it was off to have a long lost lunch with Kimee. Instead of the normal Runza, we went to Old Chicago. It was nice to catch up with her.

You're going to need people of intelligence on this quest ... thing.

We also went shopping at Target, her for food for her party, and me for some items for the one I was going to. I came home, took a short nap, and got to creating. Unfortunately, my creation was not quite what I imagined it to be. It wasn't bad, but I expected something with a little more flavor. Perhaps a little background would help, it was called an Hors D'Oeuvres Deathmatch. I was not the winner, Tamra won with a really cute entry.

The name for my creation was Tuna Racing Stripes.

Yes, pig in a blanket, very funny, ha ha. Photo credit: Matt

First smile! And who is holding her? 'Uncle' Eric, that's right! Photo credit: Matt

We must be getting old, we didn't stay up past midnight, there wasn't even a stupid o'clock anything. There were some suspicious Telestrations drawings, but not even Jenny could get mad at them too much. I did not bring my camera, but Matt had his, you can see his pictures here.

Unfortunately Sunday did not go well, I had a migraine developing, and it continued all day. I slept until about 1600, and was back in bed not very long after that either. I was actually encouraged when this one ended, because I felt so great the next day that I was reminded that whatever the cause, they are real and make me feel like crap. Boo migraines.

Next week: Stuff and more stuff!

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Oops, reading Matt's blog reminded me that there was indeed a stupid o'clock sighting.