10 April 2012

Third Week in March 2012

This week's Monday item is brought to you by the last thing that happened last week. I left my wallet at Kaleb's. I had a little cash, but just enough to get milk and a few other staples.

Tuesday I made arrangements to get my wallet back, via Beth (thank you). Then I met Maggie for dinner at Zio's Pizza. After dinner we went to Krypton Comics and wandered around for an hour in true geek fashion, looking and commenting on everything.

Darth Vader ice cube mold tray, how does Joe not have this?

After the comic book store was happy to see us leave, we went over to Target because I needed some groceries. Suddenly Maggie was replaced with "ooh, shiny" Maggie, and I never knew a shelf full of jelly could be so distracting, and it wasn't just the jelly, it was just about everything in the store, I mean seriously she stared at the Easter basket grass for five minutes. It was all pretty humorous, like hat. Oh, and we saw Jamie from RCIA there.

Wednesday after work I went to RCIA. When I got home, I started cooking, then Kate showed up, then Frank, and I ended up feeding Frank even though he said he was full. I then did a little planning with Brianne for Kaleb's Murder Mystery Party, we are going to play Miracle Max and Valerie.

Thursday after work I drove over to Council Bluffs (while talking to mom on the phone) and met Paul and Brianne at the casino parking lot. They followed me over to Lee's house where she was going to custom make our costumes for the Murder Mystery party. Jillian was playing guitar on the front porch, but we got past her, Zonda was a bit of a different issue, she likes me less and less as she gets older. I had been a little worried that Lee was not particularly interested in this little project, but when I got there she had drawings and plans, and was quite excited.

We got all measured out, Brianne left, and Lee and I went to get into my car to go buy fabric ... when a wild Maggie appeared. So we left in her car, went by Alvarado's so I could feed my face (and they theirs), ate in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby, then went in and bought our fabric, in record time I might add, they close at 2000, who knew?

Friday, the fish fry tour went to Blessed Sacrament. We got a crowd of five and then we were joined by Jennifer and Cullen who were volunteering there. I was not particularly hungry, so I didn't have much to eat. After the fish fry we stood outside and talked about the planetary alignment with the moon, Venus, and Jupiter all within a few degrees of one another.

I left and went to the dance which, for the first time in a couple years was not at the Eagle's lodge, but at InCommon. It's a fabulous space, although not even close to the Eagle lodge size.

The dance floor is not quite as smooth as it looks from this angle. Photo credit: Matt

What's that on your shoe? Photo credit: Matt

Derp, um, I can dance. Photo credit: Matt

You can see all of Matt's pictures from this event here. InCommon is located next door to the Donut Stop, so we just walked next door to unwind after the dance.

Saturday morning I was up at a sort of reasonable time to have lunch with Kimee, we grabbed food from Chipotle and headed out to Schram State Park to eat with the geese. Surprisingly, the geese were not interested in our noms, they kind of kept to themselves. We sat under some pretty trees, and enjoyed our lunch. Afterwards we went on a short walk around the park. Then came home all too soon.

In the evening Maggie and I hosted Dianna and Adam for dinner. I guess in the old days this might have been called a dinner party. Maggie made alfredo, and I made asparagus and fresh salad. Dianna and Adam brought bread pudding. There was plenty of good conversation, we watched Megamind (it was quite enjoyable), ate dessert on the back porch under the stars, and finished the night with a game of Qwirkle. I am know I am not the first person to ever have a double date that was relaxing and enjoyable, but I really enjoy those moments in life when time becomes irrelevant.

Sunday morning Maggie and I got some pie at Village Inn and then went for a walk along the Keystone trail. Although it is only March 25, we were plenty warm and Maggie was worried about getting sunburned. Speaking of it being pretty early in the year, I got out and cut the grass for the first time in the afternoon. I fully intended on skipping Mass, but somehow I ended up at Saint Mary's at 1700. I think it's been 10 months since I missed Mass, I'm sure I could research back through my blog entries, but who wants to read what I write?

The evening ended down at Frank's house with the firepit, some loud conversation, two attention loving dogs, and beautiful weather.

Next week: Miracle Max


Photo credit: Matt

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