16 August 2012

First Full Week in August 2012

Monday was the start of another beautiful, warm, Midwestern week. After work I went for 2012 run #26. 2.60 miles in 24:48, that's a 9:31 pace. It was my first run with MapMyFitness, I've even deleted the Nike app. I like that it's super flexible with what you're doing and will record time / distance no matter what your activity; running, walking, biking, lawn work. The Nike app didn't do that.

Tuesday I went to the dentist to get a cleaning before work. Clean teeth are happy teeth. After work I did something I hadn't done in probably twenty years, I made myself a hamburger, it was okay. When you don't cook something for a long time, okay, what I mean is when I don't cook something for a long time, it doesn't go well. As I was cooking up the burger, I made up some ice cream.

We got some rain, well, we didn't really get rain, but we got a show to the north.

Wednesday turned out to be a fabulous day:

Fish tacos that were very tasty...

...and the first rainbow I've seen in two years.

Thursday I went for 2012 bike ride #2: 5.08 miles in 36:55. This bike ride seemed easier. I don't think I have the ideal bike for what I'm trying to do, which is ride on the street in the neighborhood, it's a 'mountain bike'. Really it's just a cheap bike that is so I'd have one, I don't know if it would be worth the money for what is, right now, something that is a sort of hobby.

Mom, you can skip this paragraph
Friday while at work we had issues in the neighborhood, you can read about it here. I rode past the house the night before on my bike ride. The standoff ended just as I got home from work. As I got out of my car I heard the pop-pop-pop of gunfire. I (probably incorrectly) thought it was far enough away that it wasn't really a threat to me, but I took no chances, Maeg, Troy, and I left and went shopping at Target.

Later in the evening I went to the Friday dance and then out to Donut Stop afterwards. We played Apples to Apples, and I found out that Dena is purchasable, I wanted to win a round and I offered her $1 to pick mine, so she did ... yes she kept my dollar, you have to admire that kind of moxie.

Saturday morning I did some lawn work and counted it as exercise. In the afternoon I finally caught a party at Tamra's house. There was an obstacle course team challenge. I drew Tamra as my partner, it went like this.
1) cooperative walking on planks.
2) wheelbarrow carry.
3) spinning around until you fall over.
4) bubble gumbubble gum blowing.
Matt has video of me spinning around the bat and almost falling through the fence. Somehow Tamra and I didn't win, we must have had points deducted by the judges. It was a beautiful night, the only thing that marred it was the cloud cover blocking the view of the meteors.

Someone discovered what a kitty was. Photo credit: Matt

Matt took the new, official, worst picture of me ever. Photo credit: Matt

IMG_7280 IMG_7265
Campfires and ghosts! I caught one on the camera!

You can see all of my pictures here, and all of Matt's pictures here. If the video of me falling down shows up on youtube, I'll give it a link. When it became clear that the weather wouldn't, I headed home.

Sunday morning I was up and at 'early' church, i.e. at 0930, then went on a quick run to Walgreen's, came home, and made some orange rolls for the picnic. The 1300 start time didn't quite work, my carpool of Anne and Heidi got there about 1325, okay, more like 1345.

First up, a picnic. No one was hurt, but Jon tried.

IMG_7334 IMG_7355
IMG_7374 IMG_7382
IMG_7424 IMG_7399
Followed up with a hike down the 'waterfall' trail to the Platte River.

IMG_7418 IMG_7431
IMG_7487 IMG_7491 IMG_7407
The usual shenanigans ensued, leading to our album cover.

P1130828 P1130852
P1130860 P1130875 P1130837
We headed over to the pool for some swimming in the unseasonably cool weather.
These five photos credit: Matt

IMG_7508 IMG_7517
Land Ho! IMG_7575
We rented paddleboats, I was good for about 15 minutes worth of paddling.

We even went out to eat at the end of the day. Jenny appreciates me.

Obviously there are a ton of pictures, you can see all of Matt's here, and mine are here. What a great day to spend with friends.

Next week: parties and benefits

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