26 August 2012

Second Week in August 2012

I guess I'm on a streak of Monday migraines. The weekends must cause all sorts of dehydration and weekdays must cause all sorts of stress. It was an early bedtime.

Tuesday right after work I went to the grocery store. I am trying to figure out why I keep blowing my grocery budget, I know what Maeg says, making ice cream at home is expensive, and it is, but I think it's only about an extra $5 or $6 a week, not the $25 or $30 I'm going over. I ended the day with run #27: 3.83 miles in 40:43, 10:37 pace. It's my new mileage record. I was determined to make it three times around the neighborhood, and I did it, if I go four times it will be five miles ... it's coming soon.

Wednesday I left work a little early and went to church at Saint Bernadette's on my way home. Frank was there too.

Thursday after work I ran with Sarah, 2012 run #28: 2.60 miles in 30:00 / 11:37 pace. I ran with her and she was doing the Zombies, Run game, I liked it so much, I decided to purchase the game myself, more to come. Later in the evening, Troy, Maeg, and I played a game of Small World, I used my favorite tactic of building a big lead and then losing it at the end.

Friday after work I had dinner with Frank at his house, then headed to the regular Friday dance, and afterward to Donut Stop. While we were at Donut Stop I managed to drop my donut on the floor, frosting down. I picked it up, and actually considered eating it for about five seconds, but then I figured that the carpet in there is dirtier than the bathroom, and I threw it out. Cecily busted out a game of Cranium Hoopla. This game might have been more fun if Cecily didn't know all the cards, which reminds me, I have to put the Game of Things in the car.

Saturday I was supposed to go golfing with CJ in the afternoon, but the weather kept us from playing. I decided to make the best of not playing by being super productive with chores, I got an amazing amount of things done.

The day was topped off by going to Kaleb's for birthday game night. I didn't play much, I helped a couple of new people play Shadow Hunters.

The first game I did play was 7 Wonders, I didn't do particularly well, but I think it was because so many people had my strategy of blue cards. I ended up 3rd or 4th.

There was some some around the world ping pong, but not a complete tourney.

There was some Werewolf ... about seven hours worth of it. We played so many games with so many configurations I am not sure about how many times I won or didn't. I do know a few things. The first game had 35 or 36 people in it, with three teams, Werewolves, Vampires, and tasty humans, it added a really interesting subplot as the werewolves kill instantly, and the vampires victims didn't die until just before voting.

I was moderator for one game, I tried to really keep it moving, but I'm not sure if I succeeded. One of the last games Marcus and I were the werewolves and we pretty much punked everyone. Needless to say, the next game was an early death for me.

Saturday also marked the beginning of a hostage crisis for me. More to come next week.

IMG_a0012 IMG_a0011
Scott and Melissa try on a baby for size.

Forget Rabbit Fever, Kaleb has baby fever. Photo credit: Matt

An actual picture of around the world ping pong. Photo credit: Matt

Roslyn explains why she isn't a werewolf, she's probably lying. Photo credit: Matt

Sunday I went to church and sat with my coworker Natalie and her daughter Bella. It was about the third or fourth time I've sat with them. I think Bella finally remembers me. I try my best to get her to sing along, but it's a tough sell, she won't sing at all.

After church I went on 2012 run #29: 3.22mi in 33:22 at a 10:22 pace. It was also my first mission on Zombies, Run. As far as apps go, it was pretty expensive, however, I think it's already got me to want to run more. Warning: it's not a starting program, it kicked my butt.

The last part of the day was a benefit for Sarah's sister Melissa, you can read her story here. Even for someone like me, it's a tough read to not cry. She is so upbeat, friendly, and inspiring. Please find a way to be inspired in your daily life and to be an inspiration to others, read her story.

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