08 August 2012

July / August Bridge Week 2012

Monday I continued my streak of bad wake ups with another day of feeling nauseous and migrainey. I got to work, and almost immediately took my lunch and went to the car and slept for an hour. I felt much better when I woke up.

Tuesday after work was evidently man date night with Troy. We went out to eat at Chipotle, and then we went for a bike ride ... so that makes 2012 bike ride #1 ... 2.81 miles in 20:02. My legs were quite sore.

Wednesday I went to lunch with Kimee...

... at Runza of course. Mmmm delicious potonions.

After work Maeg came up with a last minute plan to eat at Burger Star in Omaha, and a big crowd turned up. We sat and ate for quite a while, it turned into a very pleasant evening.

Thursday immediately after work I went golfing. I got a strange number of holes in, 12. Nothing awesome, nothing too bad, my swing is a little erratic right now, I think I just need to slow down my busy brain. After golfing, I went out to eat and ended up getting Alvarado's in Council Bluffs.

Friday I left work a little early to go to Jen and Patrick's wedding. Our little group was Joe, Frank, Julia, Maggie, Tom, Lan, and myself. The wedding itself was fabulous, and I guess we were the side show.

The lovely couple.

Tom discovers bubbles.

This was Joe's idea, he did something similar.

Wedding cake shenanigans.

Frank can dance to anything, and laugh while doing it.

If you'd like to see all my pictures from the wedding, you can find them here. After the wedding, I went downtown to the dance, and finally ended up at Donut Stop with Dena. We chatted for an hour or so.

Saturday morning I got to cleaning up for the Annual Nothnagel Party, now with food, dancing, and games. The party began at 1400. I made sure I was ready at the start time with a sangria-ish drink that I invented. It was pretty good, but I didn't have too much of it.

The first game we played was Arkham Horror. It was pretty chaotic even for our usual Arkham Horror games. The investigators won, and I sort of knew about it ... CJ sat in for me a little bit while I was doing hosting things.

The second game was another installment of Cards Against Humanity. I am bored with that game, so I didn't feel so bad when I got up and left.

Maeg made these, they were very tasty.

Polish and proud baby!

Yes, I tricked Billy into the middle slide.

I kind of put my camera aside for quite a while, but I still got about 30 pictures, you can see them here. I cleaned up as the party went along, so at 0100 went it was breaking up, it only took about ten minutes to finish it up. Thank you to everyone who came out and/or brought tasty noms.

Sunday morning I was up and off to church with Joe and Frank. Frank and I went out to eat at Village Inn afterwards. The weather was so I nice I tried to set up a swimming adventure with friends, but it ended up not happening this week ... look for one next week. Plan B was golfing with CJ, and sometimes plan B works out really well. It was a really nice day and the course wasn't crowded. CJ did pretty well (he only went 9 holes), but I golfed very average, one birdie, six pars, ten bogies, and a double.

Next week: Meteors!

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