09 May 2005

Big Changes

Well, it's finally happened, it is time to make some big changes in my life... and in fact I've already gone and done it. I am talking about none other than switching my laundry soap from the purple kind to the orange kind. It's a big step I know, but I think I am ready for it, in fact I have a load of colors washing with it RIGHT NOW!

It kind of hit me all at once. My dishwasher soap is orange, my bleach is orange, my toothpaste is orange, heck, even the fruit in my fridge is orange. Why not just take the plunge, I was practically all the way there.

I know what you are thinking, this is just like the big wildflower phase a couple years ago, but I'm telling this orange soap is different. I can see us being together a long long time. We're a better match. I just haven't ever felt this way about a laundry soap before, so it must be right... I mean I liked purple, but the thrill is gone, but orange, orange is a warmer color, friendlier. You don't have to guess what artificial flavors went into the smell, it's orange, 100% artificial orange. That means something to me.

I'm just hoping you can all support this decision I've made.


Sarah said...

Orange as a color = meh. 'Course, I'm not one for the warm colors (red, orange, yellow).

Orange as a scent/flavor = perfectly alright.

Orange as something to pick up in Katamari Damacy = priceless.

getalife said...

Now I know what to get you for Christmas...Tang.

onionboy said...

maybe some poon-tang... it's good for you, puts hair on your... um... teeth.