15 May 2005

Random Thoughts on a Three Dance Weekend

Well I have seen the last of Troy & Merinda single. Next time I see them, they will be the old ball & chain to each other... although I hardly think it will be like that for them.

Speaking of Troy, he DJ'd at the Friday dance. Despite technical difficulties, did a fantastic job keeping everything moving, and most of the people dancing. He published his playlist on his blog, something I know Billy and I have talked about before as a way to get more people interested in the music played at the Friday dances. There was a demonstration of Argentinean Tango at the dance, it was impromptu, but I thought it was a great idea, show some other dances, especially if they could work in some of the upcoming classes, like bal, bal-swing, or charleston... then mix it in with some dances we don't usually do, west coast, salsa, etc... Certainly PJ could come and do a west coast demo, and Merinda and I know a competitive salsa dancer. It would be fun and give people ideas about some really different, fun stuff to work into their dancing.

Saturday I was going to meet LeeAnn (aforementioned salsa-chick) for golf lesson #2, but the weather didn't cooperate for the third week in a row. So we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. I was happy with my meal, LeeAnn less so.
Later on the jitterbugs danced before the Five by Design show at the Orpheum. I was going to go out later with a group to the casino and dance, but it didn't happen. I found our from Robin that I didn't miss much.
So most of Saturday was spent cleaning both bedrooms to move Kevin in on Monday. It's mostly done now. I only broke one thing!

Sunday I was up early and at church, yes, as I said that I wanted to do, I joined the Choir at St Mary's, and this was my first weekend. Despite Wednesday practice I did suck up the place on a couple songs, so instead of the harmony, I just sang the melody (quietly). In general I was very happy with how I sang, even with almost a year off.
Then it was down to the Old Market, for Lindy in the Park. I had been planning on going to the Orpheum at 1pm but I just decided to stay out in the sun, since I wasn't dressed spiffy anyway. Katie brought her little sister, Brianna and a friend's little brother, I didn't catch his name. Katie insisted on seeing my ID to believe how old I was ;-) I knew there was a reason that I liked that girl. About half the usual suspects were there, and the weather was great.

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