08 May 2005

Late Nights @ Troy & Merinda's

Poker was the typical failure to secure an increased money stack, as usual. I was doing well for a while, but I got the boot when Troy & Chuck overanalyzed my actions, I swear I just didn't notice the flush or the straight draw, and Troy ended up calling me on it... of course I didn't end up with either the flush or the straight. I hate that game. I did get a royal flush that netted me the incredible sum of $6. Wow.

So I wandered upstairs and watched the rest of the race on the big screen. Oh, did you notice that the 16 won? My driver rules...

Merinda came home later while Troy was playing on the X-Box, and I was zoning on the couch. Naturally, I parked on the wrong side of the driveway... she had Troy's car... maybe I should just stick to the street or look in the garage after I park.

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Spanky said...

Parking on my side is normally 100% the correct thing to do. This was just an unusual occurrence since we had some warning that there would be an abundance of large things to bring home.