31 May 2005

Postcards? et.al.

It's almost worth hooking up my scanner to show you. Robin sent Kevin and I postcards from Hawaii featuring oversized gentlemen in skimpy bathing suits. Be afraid, be very afraid. They are up on the fridge now as a sign of... well I don't know, something.

I uploaded some photos from the weekend, you can click here or on the Lots O' Pictures link over to the right.

A few words on the weekend.
Friday dance was just a regular dance. I think Greg played more chess than he danced. My work Friday was so frustrating I only missed three dances, so I was fairly well soaking by the end of the night. Troy & Merinda showed up right about the time the for the drawing, so we had a wedding jam. The weird thing was both Kevin & I were mystery bin "winners".

Saturday I went over to Troy & Merinda's house to help them out getting ready for the reception: my job, lackey. I cleaned, put the dance floor together (with LeeAnn's help, thank you), and cut the lawn. I was happy to help, but I did have to give myself a little pep talk about it while cutting the back lawn.
Saturday was the reception. Merinda was so pretty. The music was a little different from the normal Friday dance, which was good. One of the relatives requested "The Electric Slide"... puh-lease, so in fine Billy (who was the DJ) fashion, he played a Shim-Sham. Oh, and props to Brian and Tony for the food to die for. Troy & Merinda both seem to understand "the less spoken, the more said", and so there was only one short break for thank you's and tossing wedding stuff. I wish you could have seen the look on Chris' face when Corinn caught the bouquet.

Sunday was the Lindy in the Park cookout, a.k.a. 'how to gorge, dance, graze, dance, and pass into a food coma until someone puts ice in your shirt", well I guess I don't really need to describe it now.

I did get some work done around the house on Monday. Garden in, shelves & blinds up. A whole lot of sleep.

Props to Jen, who got me a Cubs "Believe" wristband. We haven't lost since I got it.

26 May 2005

And You Thought the Cheese Test was Informative

My computer geek score is greater than 82% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

Is this something you didn't know already?

Sarah, you may now bow to me. Yes, Troy, I'll be bowing to you.
Okay, I admit it, I have nothing important to say, in fact it might be closer to nothing to say at all, but as I've said before, I never let that stop me before.

Last Sunday at Lindy in the Park was absolutely fabulous. The weather perfect, a big crowd, dancing, talking. You are really doing yourself a disservice to not come out and enjoy it.

22 May 2005

Photos from JNO 5/20

Here are some pictures from Jitterbugs Night Out on May 20, 2005. A.K.A. Red Hat Prom.

Red Hat Prom Pictures

21 May 2005

Food in Tummy is a Good Thing

I've been feeling kind of miserable about myself due to a spate of bad decision making lately (which logically I know I am completely over-blowing)... and today was no exception.

Sure enough, several hours of moping around, and then I feed my face... instant happy Eric. How about that.

*edit* - just to clarify, NO Kevin moving is not one of those bad decisions.

20 May 2005

Lost Roommate? Found!

No, it wasn't a case of the runaway bride, Kevin did make an appearance, only I didn't know he showed up. Cherokee had been acting a little weird during the night, but I didn't figure it out until I got up and Cherokee went in the other room and put his cold, wet nose on him while he was asleep, prompting a little girl scream. Good work puppy!

18 May 2005

Time Travel? Not Quite.

Okay this is going to be a somewhat random post, but I can be rather skeptical at times, and I've wasted WAY too much of my limited brain power thinking about Time Travel.

It's just not going to happen, nice try. I'm even making the assumption here that time travel is feasible. In fact, let's just say that tomorrow, it is announced that the math has been done, and a device should be relatively easy to make. So let's go, right? Um, not so fast my friend... even if you can pin down the exact moment of your arrival, the question still remains, where are you going to come out at once you complete your time travel?

Better bring the space shuttle, because you are likely to be somewhere in space, most likely, no where near earth, or maybe even the solar system. (Okay math geeks time to point out my facts being wrong, so get ready). I was reading the other day where the Milky Way is moving at 600,000 kph relative to our local cluster. I also seem to remember that our solar system revolves around the core of the Milky way at around 150,000 kph, with some wobble above and below the galactic plane. Don't forget, we are going around our sun, , Earths' rotation, and probably about 2000 other factors that make it next to impossible to figure out WHERE EARTH WAS just a day ago with any accuracy to send a human being walking through a port or whatever method you are choosing... perhaps you could be close in enough in a spaceship to send a radio message to yourself with the winning lottery numbers, that is if you don't materialize inside the moon or something trying to be a little too cute getting too close.

But seriously, 50 years ago?

I haven't even played the quantum effects card. Or what about relative velocities? Or how about how you determine "absolute" coordinates in space. Hey, I got an idea, let's open a stable wormhole back in time... oops we came out in the middle of the sun, so much for that side of the planet for a while, probably end up looking like the moon in a Bugs Bunny - Marvin the Martian episode.

See and I didn't even have to ask if you got your time travelers inoculated against diseases in the past.

New Roommate???

Hello? Kevin? Where are you?

I'm fairly certain that I arranged to have a roommate. In fact there is a bunch of his stuff in my small bedroom. He put it there Tuesday night, and I haven't heard nor seen from him since. He's a big boy, and can take care of himself. However it is a little odd to put all your belongs somewhere and then leave them at the mercy of someone's dog and cats *evil laugh*. Oh Cherokee, don't do that on his futon.

15 May 2005

Rocket Science

I was just watching a show on Discovery Channel, and a NASA scientist said "...in space whether the (air) pressure is much lower."

Random Thoughts on a Three Dance Weekend

Well I have seen the last of Troy & Merinda single. Next time I see them, they will be the old ball & chain to each other... although I hardly think it will be like that for them.

Speaking of Troy, he DJ'd at the Friday dance. Despite technical difficulties, did a fantastic job keeping everything moving, and most of the people dancing. He published his playlist on his blog, something I know Billy and I have talked about before as a way to get more people interested in the music played at the Friday dances. There was a demonstration of Argentinean Tango at the dance, it was impromptu, but I thought it was a great idea, show some other dances, especially if they could work in some of the upcoming classes, like bal, bal-swing, or charleston... then mix it in with some dances we don't usually do, west coast, salsa, etc... Certainly PJ could come and do a west coast demo, and Merinda and I know a competitive salsa dancer. It would be fun and give people ideas about some really different, fun stuff to work into their dancing.

Saturday I was going to meet LeeAnn (aforementioned salsa-chick) for golf lesson #2, but the weather didn't cooperate for the third week in a row. So we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. I was happy with my meal, LeeAnn less so.
Later on the jitterbugs danced before the Five by Design show at the Orpheum. I was going to go out later with a group to the casino and dance, but it didn't happen. I found our from Robin that I didn't miss much.
So most of Saturday was spent cleaning both bedrooms to move Kevin in on Monday. It's mostly done now. I only broke one thing!

Sunday I was up early and at church, yes, as I said that I wanted to do, I joined the Choir at St Mary's, and this was my first weekend. Despite Wednesday practice I did suck up the place on a couple songs, so instead of the harmony, I just sang the melody (quietly). In general I was very happy with how I sang, even with almost a year off.
Then it was down to the Old Market, for Lindy in the Park. I had been planning on going to the Orpheum at 1pm but I just decided to stay out in the sun, since I wasn't dressed spiffy anyway. Katie brought her little sister, Brianna and a friend's little brother, I didn't catch his name. Katie insisted on seeing my ID to believe how old I was ;-) I knew there was a reason that I liked that girl. About half the usual suspects were there, and the weather was great.

10 May 2005

The Gods are Laughing

Well it's more or less official, Kevin is moving in. This should be a great adventure in weirdness... only for once, I won't be the weird one in the house. He's going to drop by tomorrow, take a look and then will probably be in shortly after. I have to do some rearranging, but it's shouldn't take too long.

I wonder if he knows I don't like air conditioning? LOL

09 May 2005

Big Changes

Well, it's finally happened, it is time to make some big changes in my life... and in fact I've already gone and done it. I am talking about none other than switching my laundry soap from the purple kind to the orange kind. It's a big step I know, but I think I am ready for it, in fact I have a load of colors washing with it RIGHT NOW!

It kind of hit me all at once. My dishwasher soap is orange, my bleach is orange, my toothpaste is orange, heck, even the fruit in my fridge is orange. Why not just take the plunge, I was practically all the way there.

I know what you are thinking, this is just like the big wildflower phase a couple years ago, but I'm telling this orange soap is different. I can see us being together a long long time. We're a better match. I just haven't ever felt this way about a laundry soap before, so it must be right... I mean I liked purple, but the thrill is gone, but orange, orange is a warmer color, friendlier. You don't have to guess what artificial flavors went into the smell, it's orange, 100% artificial orange. That means something to me.

I'm just hoping you can all support this decision I've made.

08 May 2005

Late Nights @ Troy & Merinda's

Poker was the typical failure to secure an increased money stack, as usual. I was doing well for a while, but I got the boot when Troy & Chuck overanalyzed my actions, I swear I just didn't notice the flush or the straight draw, and Troy ended up calling me on it... of course I didn't end up with either the flush or the straight. I hate that game. I did get a royal flush that netted me the incredible sum of $6. Wow.

So I wandered upstairs and watched the rest of the race on the big screen. Oh, did you notice that the 16 won? My driver rules...

Merinda came home later while Troy was playing on the X-Box, and I was zoning on the couch. Naturally, I parked on the wrong side of the driveway... she had Troy's car... maybe I should just stick to the street or look in the garage after I park.

04 May 2005

Blogthings Birthday Thing

As I have mentioned before, I hate when this kind of thing is accurate:
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Your Birthdate: July 23

With a birthday on the 23rd of the month you are inclined to work well with people and enjoy them.
You are talented and versatile, very good at presenting ideas.
You may have a tendency to get itchy feet at times and need change and travel.
You tend to be very progressive, imaginative and adaptable.
Your mind is quick, clever and analytical.
A restlessness in your nature may make you a bit impatient and easily bored with routine.
You may have a tendency to shirk responsibility.
Very sociable, you make friends easily and you are an excellent traveling companion.

01 May 2005

Saturday, Golden Sombrero plus One

Saturday was going to be a busy day for me. I had five things planned, and I did exactly zero of them:

Teach a coworker how to golf... nope
Balboa class week three... not quite
Going to the zoo... the animals are still waiting
Saturday evening church... um, no
Paul's westie dance... zip, nil, nadda, cero.

So why even bother to plan stuff if I'm not going to do it. No wonder the back yard looks like the jungle at the zoo... which I didn't see.