25 June 2006

Exciting Times... Power Equipment

There it is, brand new, just out of the box, my new lawn mower. 6.5hp, 21" blade, mulch or bag, SELF-PROPELLED, and on sale.

Many of you probably heard that I bent the blade on my old mower and was having trouble getting it off so I could bend it back or replace it. This is as close to a impulse buy as I get, I suppose. As I drove to Menards to purchase the tools to get the blade off, I considered that my old mower had several issues, an engine with a serious case of post-purchase engineering just to keep it running, a cracked deck, a loose muffler, missing safety devices, and a pull starter that likes to break twice a year. I set a price in my mind for a mid-brand self-propelled mower, and there it was, $50 less than the price I had figured. So I put the tools back, and bought the mower.

Naturally I had to try it out right away. It works fine and was easy to put together. The self-propelled feature made it a whole lot lighter going up the hill.


SuzieQ said...

Awesome...your new mower is very sleek looking.

Becky said...

wow. i doubt even a shiny new lawn mower would induce a desire for me to mow- ever. But i'm glad it worked for you. at least now you should have less maintenance work to do before you even get to cutting the grass. And coming from an expert shopper, that was so NOT an impulse buy.

Viv said...

That looks like a great mower!! God gave you just what you needed. I think you should have gotten the blue one though.

Rebecca said...

Good times, great mowing.