29 June 2006

Oh Look, A Chicken

I was awoken this morning by a Bellevue streets crew who was finishing up fixing the part of the road in front of my house... with a jackhammer... at 07:23am. With any luck THEY all got a good nights sleep.

I went to an improv workshop put on by 88 improv last night with Spanky & Mae. It was taught by Nate, Steve, and Sol. It turns out that Spanky is a natural at it, he thought he was trying too hard, but his over the top style (my words) was quite humorous. I had little trouble being funny, but lots of trouble being creative on-the-spot. I ended up thinking about comedic timing and saying the first thing that popped into my head rather than the story. Mae thought it was difficult to do with someone that she knew well (i.e. me & Spanky), but I found it much easier to do with her (or someone else I knew) because the repore was already there, and I felt I knew what to expect. I thought it was really fun, and challenging. I will be back for more.

I saw a movie: Prairie Home Companion. I love the radio show, Garrison Keillor is such a wonderful storyteller and quite passable as a singer. As I have said before, I am quite the midwestern boy, and I love the radio show for it's midwestern sensibilities. I liked the movie, it was a story told visually, not about stars or fancy effects, but a story. (to me) When the focus is the story, and you have wonderful actors playing the people in the story, it just flows... that's when I can lose myself, that's when I love movies. I went in with few expectations, and was rewarded with the unexpected. Lake Wobegon was not mentioned once, I am going to guess that has to do with some sort of complicated copyright thing. Kevin Kline's character made me think of Rosencrantz, I hope I correctly remember my Shakespeare. There was really very little weak acting, although Lindsay Lohan either did a fantastic job not stereotyping her character or just missed it "by that much", it was kind of hard to tell. If all movies were made this thoughtfully, I'd see more.

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Anonymous said...

I forgot my stupid password...Anyway, you all did a terrific job at the workshop!! Just keep coming, you'll get it in no time. I mean you're naturally goofy, er, uh, funny, so you've got like 80% of it down already! I'm glad to hear you liked that movie, I've been wanting to see it, and was afraid it was going to suck. Glad it didn't, because if YOU liked a movie, it's gotta be good to like historical proportions. :)