27 September 2007

One degree of separation


I am reading "Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop". I had a very weird moment while reading through the front of the book. There are the typical thank yous from both Frankie Manning and the author, Cynthia Millman. As I read through them, I began to see many names I recognized, and then people whom I know ... specifically Lance Benishek and Peter Loggins ... or more interestingly than people whom I know, they are people who know me.

This was an odd moment for me. I have known famous people before, talked to them, interacted, and not found it too exciting, and except in the case of Sam Kinnison, not too exciting either.

For some other reason, seeing these names in print, in a book, was a different story. It was all of sudden I thought, hey these people know who I am, only one degree of separation between me and written history. Wild.

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