20 September 2007

Two sad letters: OJ

When I was a kid in the 70s, sports stars were nothing like they are now, there were hardly any national endorsement contracts, no gratuitous appearances in TV shows or movies, they didn't appear on late night TV, and no reports in US or People magazines about their latest going ons.

There was one major exception to this. OJ Simpson. Don't laugh, OJ was celebrity. Oddly enough it was Hertz car rentals that I remember best, OJ would run through airports leaping over things. As a little boy, I remember setting up the ottoman in the living room, grabbing a football, and jumping over the ottoman just like The Juice.

The latest of OJ's troubles are not just troubling, but stupid too. Armed robbery in a Las Vegas casino?

I think it's sad that the two biggest sports stars of my youth, OJ Simpson, who was a celebrity, and Pete Rose, who was not, have shown themselves to be role models ... of the what not to do variety.

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Get A Life! said...

Yes, it is very sad that young people don't have anyone to look up to any more.

Athletes, Movie Stars...Priests.