01 September 2007

Transitioning to Autumn

Welcome to September. I usually survive the first half of summer without much in the way of a time crunch, it is usually the second half of summer that gets me. Last year, starting at Billy and Lindsay's wedding and running right through Cowtown I had something going on almost every night. This year was about the same, starting at my birthday, I had something going on almost every night, add in the stress of being burned out on my schedule and waiting for the new job to start, and I felt overwhelmed pretty much for the last forty-five days or so.

With the holiday weekend here, I purposely planned nothing, and I intend on keeping it to a minimum if I can.

The new job is great, I felt fairly useless on Monday and Tuesday, but I started to feel like I was a contributing part of the team the rest of the week. My new bedtime has me befuddled, in order to get eight hours of sleep, I don't have to be in bed until 2300, and to get six it's 0100. I hardly know what to do with myself after 2100.

I'll have three posts with pictures about three events over the last few weeks coming up here in the next few weeks ... right after I relearn how to live one breath at a time.

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