09 November 2007


Last Friday night, GAMe planned a bowling night, Jitterbugs had their regular dance. SmileChild talked me into going to the bowling outing first, and then I was going to go over to the dance. It didn't happen that way.

I headed over to the bowling alley. I don't know what was planned by the organizers, but what they got was almost 50 people wanting to bowl. We ended up with seven lanes of six bowlers each.

GAMe fall back party 33 - richard burney
Check out the form of this bowling genius.

GAMe fall back party 21 - richard burney
I am hoping this is just a thumb stuck in a bowling ball.

GAMe fall back party 15 - richard burney
Sheri lucked out and got one of those special
floating balls.

GAMe fall back party 3 - richard burney
What's with all of the cheesey smiles?.

There was so much fun going on with the bowling, I decided to stick with the group and not go dancing. The after bowling party was at Jayme's house, and included ice cream.

What was unknown to me, it also included a game called "Guesstures", which is a timed charade type game. Which we ended up playing with two vaguely defined teams of about a dozen each, with at least a dozen more people watching.

GAMe fall back party 39 - richard burney
Thought I was kidding about the number of people, didn't you.

Here is Alissa acting out a few of the Guesstures items, none of which I have a clue what they are ... I don't know why there is no sound.

So now to the mermaid reference. One of the features of the game is choosing which of two things on a card you are going to act out. Jayme goaded me into trying to charade a mermaid. I finished off the other three items, and started in on my mermaid charade, which consisted of me simulating certain female body parts, and then making a fish swimming motion. No one got it. The timer ran out. So I asked to keep going until someone did get it. I got down on the floor and flopped my legs around in mermaid fashion. There were some fairly outrageous guesses, for any crowd, not just for the Bible study crowd. It was one of those things that will be talked about for a while.

Just as a note, when I later related this story to Mae, I showed her my charade for mermaid, she got it in about three seconds ... it wasn't me.

Much thanks to Richard Burney for unknowingly allowing me to lift these pictures.

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