20 November 2007

Road trip to Battle Creek and O'Neill

After trying for months trying to plan to get out to O'Neill to visit Robin & Tim, okay really just Daniel. Last Sunday I said to SmileChild "Hey, you want to road trip, let's go." Obviously spur of the moment works way better than trying to plan something. We had the added incentive of Smeade is staying in Battle Creek for two months doing a college practical in Norfolk, and hey, it's on the way! We got Viv to come along and it was a plan.

The day started off early, after a late night of dancing. I wanted to be on the road by 0900, and we made it. Not to complain about my friends, but none of them know how to drive a stick, they need to learn how to drive my car.

Evidently, they aren't the only ones who don't know about my car, I pulled into a gas station in Scribner, ran my card at the pump, put the nozzle in my tank, SmileChild and I cleaned the windows, we used the facilities, put the pump away, and back on the road. About 20 miles later, I looked at my gas tank, and it was nearly empty ... *????* ... yep, I had forgotten to actually pump the gas. Fortunately, we were able to make it to Smeade's place in Battle Creek without further incident.

The day turned out to be absolutely gorgeous for November. The sun low in the sky, the few clouds were high, the wind slight, and the temperature in the mid 50°s. Battle Creek appeared to be deserted, which I can only attribute to it being deer hunting season, and many hunters being out on the prowl.

Smeade took us to a local dining establishment, okay, make that the only local dining establishment, Goody's Grille.

DSCF0170.JPG - viv
The best place to eat lunch in Battle Creek.

DSCF0168.JPG - viv
After lunch the local constabulary treated me in the usual manner.

DSCF0169.JPG - viv
SmileChild and Smeade think that the local cops hassling me is humorous.

After lunch, we had some time to kill, so we walked down to the local library where there was a book and bake sale. The sale was heavy on the books, not so much on the baked goods.

Road Trip! 4 - smilechild
I guess I could read something at a library...

DSCF0173.JPG - viv
The library had computers for use, and I finally figured out how SmileChild keeps winning at Scrabble.

SmileChild thinks she can overload the camera by reflecting the sunlight into the lens. Nice try, but we still know you bought something at the book sale.

We then headed back to Smeade's temporary residence for some highly intellectual discussion and activities.

Road Trip! 8 - smilechild
I had no idea both Smeade and Viv were cheerleaders in high school.

Road Trip! 10 - smilechild
Gravel driveway and boots are difficult to dance in ... having the right partner makes it all good.

Maybe I should have zoomed in a little bit.

We gassed up the car, for real this time, and got back on the road to O'Neill when all of a sudden...

DSCF0164.JPG - Viv
...oh look, a chicken...

...what was I talking about?

We got up to O'Neill in a little over an hour after leaving Battle Creek. I learned from the sign at the edge of town that it was the Irish capital of Nebraska ... cool, lets drink. After only one miscue, we managed to find Chez de la RockinRobin, a modest brick duplex with a meet the neighbors window in front of the shower.

Of course, we didn't come to see the house ... or Tim ... or RockinRobin ... why was it we drove 3 1/2 hours for...

DSCF0192.JPG - Viv
... Daniel ...

DSCF0185.JPG - Viv
... Daniel ...

Road Trip! 14 - smilechild
... Daniel!!!

Oh yeah, there was Danny's mom and dad too. I can almost remember their names.

Kids are so cute when they emulate your bad habits, I mean other peoples kids of course.

DSCF0179.JPG - Viv
Daniel is already ignoring Mom.

Road Trip! 15 - smilechild
A little confused here dad, which way is up?.

Road Trip! 15 - smilechild
I tried to get a nap, but that didn't work so well.

After a visit, we went to see RockinRobin's new daycare facility, Babies & Blossoms Day Care, and the house they are going to rent.

DSCF0194.JPG - viv DSCF0195.JPG - viv
DSCF0197.JPG - viv DSCF0198.JPG - viv
Some of the shots of the inside of the day care facility. I never got anything like this, I had to play with my brothers ... sheesh.

DSCF0201.JPG - Viv
The funny part of the new house is that RockinRobin couldn't find it, and it's not like O'Neill is big or anything like that.

After heading back to their current house, and talking and goofing off, we went to the local Pizza Hut for dinner ... and entertainment.

DSCF0203.JPG - Viv
A bunch of fresh-faced individuals, and the back of RockinRobins head.

DSCF0214.JPG - Viv
Who'd have guessed this group would play cut-throat solitaire? Viv tried her hardest to get us thrown out by being really loud when she won.

DSCF0216.JPG - Viv
At the end of the night, everyone posed for the obligatory group photo ... everyone except Tim, of course.

Thus ended a great day ... almost. Smeade was having car problems in Battle Creek, and needed to get back to Omaha to pick up a car from her folks. So luckily we were able to swing by and pick her up and take her home.
Much thanks to Viv & SmileChild for allowing me to liberally snag a herd of photos.


Anonymous said...

True story: Becki lived in Battle Creek for three months with a widow while she was doing an intern at a church in Norfolk. She misses it.


Schizophrenic Elf said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! He's adorable.

Oh, yeah. You, too.

OMIGOSH!!!!! Ok, once upon a time I thought I was jealous of you. Now I KNOW I'm jealous of you... and Viv... And SMeade (love you, girl)... and SmileChild....
Can you keep on that RocknRobinGirl to come down to Omaha? Say Jan. 4 when I'll be there to see her? HINT, HINT.

Thanks so much for the pictures. They made my day. :) :)

Janna said...

I realize I'm way late with this gripping insight (sorry), but I just have to say this: When I first saw "Battle Creek", I thought you meant the one in Michigan!!! I was getting all excited that you had traveled back to Michigan for awhile.
That would have been some road trip, huh?

Schizophrenic Elf said...

Have I mentioned recently that Daniel is ADORABLE?

Just thought I'd check.