15 November 2007

Spews of the weird

It's that time of year. Time for the visit of our least favorite viral friends, the rhinovirus. Can't we do something about this menace? Well, at least it isn't deadly.

I feel like I have gone from homo sapien to mucus factorius maxii. No pictures thankfully, but I am doing not much but alternating between sinus pressure and sinus disgorging of snot equal to twice my body weight ... no video either.

I'm drinking plenty of fluids and getting lots of rest. I will be back at work tomorrow.

1 comment:

Get A Life! said...

Al had this all weekend!! I called him Captain Sneezencough. How do I disinfect a whole couch? I keep spraying the remote with Lysol...

You men don't get enough rest. Take better care of yourselves!!