18 February 2009

An Exercise In, Well Exercise

im004294.jpb - me
The gentleman on the left in the pink shirt is Jose, and he is my motivation.

Let's face it, Benjamin Button aside, we all have one thing in common, we ain't getting any younger. I understand that as well as anyone else who is, um, 39 years old. I've managed to more or less maintain my weight over the last few years, although not through exercise, it has been through eating less, especially of those foods that I really enjoy ... like ice cream and pizza.

This is what I think, I may be wrong, but this is what I think anyway. Medical science has come a long way just in the time I've been I've been alive. I think it is likely I can carry most of the level of activity I enjoy now well into my 80s. Probably they'll invent an exercise pill, although activity will remain good for you. What to do until then?

Enter my dancing friend Jose. Jose is a bicycle enthusiast. He trains and rides constantly, many times riding over a hundred miles in a week. Jose does this because he likes to bike, many people do. As a by product of his biking constantly, he is in really good shape. Jose is just a bit older than I am, but in significantly better shape. Here is the kicker, because Jose is in such good shape, and keeps exercising, it has an interesting side effect; he eats whatever he wants, in the quantity he wants, when he wants to.

I've started exercising. Not for any higher reason, for good health, or because it is the right thing to do. It's all about the ice cream and pizza. If I can manage to get myself exercising regularly and mildly vigorously, plus walking and dancing, I should be able to burn off an extra 1500 calories a week. That will offset a lot of extra treats.

Who knows, maybe I'll even look and feel better too.


RedSkittles said...

It's all about the cookies...

Shera said...

I am soooooo there with you on the exercise thing and being healthy. I have to wait til I get the green light from the Dr. for intense workouts yet, but it is amazing how our bodies do change ALOT in a few years. Do you have any interests (hiking and other stuff outside) that you like? I am finding that is definitely the key. We have to "like" doing something. Anyway, hope it works for you.

ChezLisa said...

Good luck with that! I wish I were as inspired...
However, there *is* some truth to the old adage "You are what you eat."
As much as I would love to exist on chocolate, pizza and Twinkies...it would be like pumping gas with ethanol into a racecar. Long term result, maybe not so good :)