01 February 2009

Super Prediction

I thought it very funny leading up to the Super Bowl (can I say that on my blog?) that majority of "experts" on ESPN and Sports Illustrated were picking final scores of the game to be in the three, four, or seven point spread range. This way they can "win" in three of four scenarios, if they predict a close game, either outcome will be a "win" when spun properly ... a blowout win by the team they picked is a "win" also. The only time they "lose" is if the team they had losing, loses big.

We do not have football experts, we have risk managers dressed in tutus. Congratulations to the people who have the intestinal fortitude to predict a blow out. Here is my prediction:

Arizona 34, Pittsburgh 13

And I don't think it will be this close. I cannot imagine too many scenarios where Pittsburgh can score more than 24 points, and that includes two defensive touchdowns. I don't see how Arizona doesn't move the ball up and down the field. Pittsburgh's defense may be very very good, but Arizona's offense is great. On the other side of the ball, you have a not so good offense in Pittsburgh, playing against a suddenly hot defense.

Ask my Bears what it's like to run in to a hot defense in a Super Bowl.


onionboy said...

Yeah, so I'm not a prognosticator.

Shera said...

Hmmm! I think your score was definitely not correct! yeah Steelers! LOL