26 February 2009

Two Parties: Pink and Basement

This past weekend had two highly anticipated parties. The (one week delayed) annual Omaha Jitterbugs Pink Party on Friday, and the long awaited unveiling of the Nothnagel basement on Saturday. The weekend started early for me, I had a half day off on Friday, left work and headed over to Troy & Merinda's to help them put the finishing touches on the new basement ... four hours later, the basement was cleaned and ready to go, with only minor details to follow the next day.

Time to get ready for the Pink Party. The Omaha Jitterbugs Pink Party Dance is the only reason I own a pink shirt (well two), and I wear them once a year. The party is to celebrate Valentine's day, and it was originally scheduled for February 13, it was rescheduled when the Eagle's Club people where we dance somehow panicked over a few inches of snow ... in Omaha. Prepare your eyes, some of these pictures are, well, really pink.

100_5195.jpg - me
Yes, these people are wearing pink, all fairly subtle...

DSCF0024.jpg - cornstalker
...I think they have the hang of it, just a little pink and...

100_5201.jpg - me
...OMG! My eyes! Jenny, nooooo!

100_5221.jpg - me 100_5233.jpg - me 100_5241.jpg - me DSCF0028 - cornstalker
There were quite a variety of pink interpretations.

100_5207.jpg - me
Why does Rob wear red suspenders? To keep his pants up ... thank goodness.

100_5230.jpg - me
Everyone was a winner!

Finally everyone was all pinked out, and we had to head home. I do appreciate that at the end of the dance, for some unknown reason, we are no longer herded out the door at the Eagle's club like so many cattle.

The next day dawned and there were definite plans around the Ben and Eric apartment. I was making cookies, and going to be finished by 3:00pm so Ben could make his dessert. This that and the other think happened - I blame Kevin - and of course it was after 4:00pm before I got serious about baking my cookies. No problem I finished with at least ten minutes to spare.

100_5256.jpg - me
Ben didn't lick the frosting, as far as you know.

100_5256.jpg - me
Some things never change at the Nothnagel's house parties.

100_5264.jpg - me dancerman/Parties/Nothnagels/Basement bash/14 of 111 - cliff dancerman/Parties/Nothnagels/Basement bash/11 of 111 - cliff DSCF0071 - cornstalker
The new bar.

100_5300.jpg - me 100_5318.jpg - me 100_5373.jpg - me dancerman/Parties/Nothnagels/Basement bash/12 of 111 - cliff
Check out all of this dance space.

100_5302.jpg - me
Has anyone ever figured out what is up with people stealing my camera and taking pictures of feet? I notice a certain Sarah's feet are always in them.

dancerman/Parties/Nothnagels/Basement bash/61 of 111 - cliff
Cliff took this stunning picture of Sarah and I dancing, it's already framed and on my wall.

DSCF0075.jpg - cornstalker
Ben shortly after Anna & Kristin braided his hair, he must have thought that much attention from these two was heavenly.

100_5359.jpg - me 100_5363.jpg - me 100_5368.jpg - me 100_5360.jpg - me
How come at every party there is always a collection of ladies that pile up like semi-trucks on a foggy interstate ... but with more hugging?

DSCF0068.jpg - cornstalker
Not really sure what is happening here, but reports are that it started at the top of the stairs.

100_5302.jpg - me
Kevin can't quite spell Y-M-C-A.

100_5384.jpg - me
I pretty much put my prediction abilities on the line saying Anna would use this picture as her profile.

100_5384.jpg - me
Of course what party is complete without someone starting "the wave" on the couch?

Between me, Matt, and Cliff we took almost 250 pictures. Check 'em out! Also Matt has a blog entry about the weekend.

Many, many thanks to Cliff and Matt for use of their pictures, see html alt codes on individual pictures for specific credit.

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Sarah said...

My feet may always be in the picture, but I'm generally not the one taking pictures.