16 April 2009

2009 Lenten Report

Easter passed by last Sunday. I did something that I don't believe I have done in my "adult" life. I actually made it through Lent without eating meat on Friday. However, I didn't do as well with my Lenten sacrifices.

I said that I would exercise. Well, that basically didn't happen, it was okay for the first week, maybe week and a half and that was it. I'd like to exercise, but I am going to need help or a personal trainer.

I said that I would not eat fried foods. I did much better on this one. The second Sunday I messed up and ordered boneless wings at Buffalo Wild Wings, I figured it out half way through, but finished them, because wasting food is a sin too. The third Friday I ate at a fish fry and had tater tots and a bite of fired fish. That was it. I also lost about ten pounds in the process.

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