22 April 2009

72 hours without Facebook

Wow!  You want to talk about all of a sudden being out touch.  How about all of a sudden having a couple extra hours a day?  Let's not forget going crazy wondering what you're missing out on.  They say the first 72 hours is the worst, whew, that's over with.
On Saturday I did my research to find out if I could just deactivate my Facebook account instead of deleting it.  Once I found out I could, I went to the deactivation page and set it up so all I needed to do hit the button to deactivate the account, then I walked away.  It took about three hours to work up the resolve to do it, but I finally walked back in and hit the button: deactivate.  There was this giant noise and power fluctuations and the apartment started shaking ... well, not really, the world seemed just the same as before.
Except, I'm disconnected now.
Saturday was an interesting day, I started cleaning the house, then I actually turned on the TV, I listened to music, I read a magazine, and I visited with Merinda.  I had all this extra time, and I barely knew what to do with it.  Sunday was much the same, I cleaned the kitchen, went to church, walked with Sarah (FYI: 4mi is different from 4km), time to do stuff I hadn't done in a while.  I've gotten plenty of sleep the last 72 hours.  It sounds peaceful and relaxing, except for the part about driving myself crazy wondering what is going on.  The only serious part of this desire to fill my brain with what is going on is this; there are those times when a friend needs encouragement, and Facebook statuses make it easy to see what is going right, and wrong, with friends.
Otherwise, it is just trying to fill my brain with the distraction of <i>what's happenin?</i>.  And believe me, despite being away from Facebook, my brain is still trying to get me to be distracted: "ooh, ooh, let's set up a Twitter account" ... I'm pretty sure piece of mind doesn't come in 140 character bites.  I'm pretty sure piece (peace) of mind comes from being comfortable with your place in the universe, and I'm pretty sure that a few weeks or months of being out of touch(ish) and not dancing, is a small price to pay for getting my feet back under me.
Oh, and hey!  Somebody actually noticed I disappeared off of Facebook!  I guess I do matter.  :-)


Shera said...

I am glad you are giving yourself a break. For almost the same reason, I don't have cable. I don't want to get caught up in the "have to see my favorite show" syndrome. I find it liberating and refreshing to be able to sit and have conversations with people.

ChezLisa said...

Your "disappearance" from facebook got more attention than you'd think - I had at least two people we know ask if *I* knew what happened to you! You *are* missed.

I do hope you find what you're searching for.

Jems said...

Hey Toots,
Glad you're enjoying your free time.
Could you send me some? :)
Talk to you later.

Get A Life! said...

Oh, man, you bailed! They added neon animation options, gave every member $500 and Barack Obama sent you a friend request. Bummer you missed it, dude.

OK. Maybe not.