21 June 2009


100_6523.JPG - me
The usual suspects, probably they are all guilty.

Troy & Merinda hosted a murder! I mean a murder mystery party at their house on Saturday evening. This was the second of their "How to Host a Murder" parties, The Class of '54. It was our 5th high school reunion, I was Rick Alcitrant, the rebel of the group. Sarah played the bookworm, Troy went against character as a jock, Merinda was the hardworking girl from the wrong side of the tracks, Ben was business minded, Michelle was a heiress (and twin sister of the murderee) Dan was the nerd, and Margaret played a girl, um, who just couldn't say no.

The scene opens with us all gathered at our old hangout "Maltie's Falcon" malt shop and we are expecting Rock N. Roley to walk in, but instead, it's the cops... The dead guy was Rock N. Roley, who was, *gasp*, a rock and roll star, and you can bet we all had perfectly good reasons to want him dead. No spoilers here, but you can believe that there were a ton of puns, plot twists, and suspicions. We came pretty close to solving the crime, and did have a really good time.

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Here we are, could have just as easily been mug shots.

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Anonymous said...

You guys look like characters out of a movie starring Steve McQueen.
: )