06 June 2009

I Got a Bad Case of Camera Envy

Yes, I have a very nice camera, and yes, I really like some of the pictures I take. That being said, last week at the Luau Birthday Bash Steve took some pictures that were amazing.

100_6161.JPG - me
Matt knows who the picture taking man is.

Steve said (of course) that it had a lot to do with the person behind the camera, and I agree, I watched him pose his subjects and plan the shot, and it was impressive, but the camera quality really enhances the picture too. Here is an example, both pictures were taken within a couple seconds of one another:

100_6167.JPG - me
This one is mine, good picture.

Lua Party 3 of 73 - Steve
This one is Steve's, wow. My camera would never capture Jenny's eye color like that in that backlight. (this comes off of Facebook, sorry if it doesn't display)

I have a CD coming mature in a few days, it will probably take all my will power to not get a new camera

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Anonymous said...

I can relate.