23 June 2009

Amazing and Intense

Just before I left work tonight, the National Weather Service released a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the town I live in. It should be no surprise, in between 1600 and 1700 the temperature/dew point/heat index went from 97F/78F/116F to 87F/70F/91F, yeah that's a cold front coming through. This meant that I would have to drive home through it, heavy rain, sixty mile an hour winds, and possible hail. I wasn't looking forward to it, the warning didn't tell the whole story, it missed the intensity and the end of the rainbow.
IMG_0280.JPG - me
My first view of the rainbow near Shadow Lake.

IMG_0291.JPG - me
Things got fairly intense as I turned onto 48th street going north...

IMG_0292.JPG - me
...but then seemingly just to east, the rainbow reappeared...

IMG_0295.JPG - me
...right there in that cornfield, not 30 yards away...

IMG_0296.JPG - me
...um, more like on the hood of my car!

Now I just have to figure out how to spend this pot of gold. More here.

21 June 2009


100_6523.JPG - me
The usual suspects, probably they are all guilty.

Troy & Merinda hosted a murder! I mean a murder mystery party at their house on Saturday evening. This was the second of their "How to Host a Murder" parties, The Class of '54. It was our 5th high school reunion, I was Rick Alcitrant, the rebel of the group. Sarah played the bookworm, Troy went against character as a jock, Merinda was the hardworking girl from the wrong side of the tracks, Ben was business minded, Michelle was a heiress (and twin sister of the murderee) Dan was the nerd, and Margaret played a girl, um, who just couldn't say no.

The scene opens with us all gathered at our old hangout "Maltie's Falcon" malt shop and we are expecting Rock N. Roley to walk in, but instead, it's the cops... The dead guy was Rock N. Roley, who was, *gasp*, a rock and roll star, and you can bet we all had perfectly good reasons to want him dead. No spoilers here, but you can believe that there were a ton of puns, plot twists, and suspicions. We came pretty close to solving the crime, and did have a really good time.

100_6522.JPG - me 100_6502.JPG - me 100_6505.JPG - me 100_6528.JPG - me
Here we are, could have just as easily been mug shots.

Change of Scenery

Saturday was a busy day. I was awoken early by the sound of a moving van outside my apartment window. It was to move Ben. It didn't take long to load up a van with a single man's belongs, and he was on his way by 1100. Minus the ex-wife, Ben is easily the best roommate I have ever had, the only "problem" was that we didn't hang out enough.

As I headed over to Troy's for some gaming, I called Robin and said come on down, and she started moving in. By the time I got home at 1700, there were plenty of changes. I had to hurry and get ready for more fun at Troy & Merinda's, and I was leaving for the 1800 start there, a van load of furniture was pulling up with Tim driving.

So I get home around 0100 and tada! I have an entirely new looking apartment, new roommates, and one big change in my life. Goodbye and good luck Ben. Greetings Tim, Robin, and Daniel.

08 June 2009

Recent Videos

This (best I could make) video is from the Luau Birthday Bash that was at Jenny & Becky's house two weekends ago. The music eventually gets loud enough to hear.

This is from Taste of Omaha last weekend.

07 June 2009

Flickr Picture #5000

My Flickr.com account now has over 5000 pictures on it, with nearly 18,000 views. It's not necessarily great art, but it's been great fun, and I love being able to show off my friends, the fun we have, and the interesting things going on in my life. Maybe even more so than this blog. Thanks for participating!

100_6429.JPG - me
Here it is, picture #5000. I think it's appropriate that it's a dancing picture.

06 June 2009

I Got a Bad Case of Camera Envy

Yes, I have a very nice camera, and yes, I really like some of the pictures I take. That being said, last week at the Luau Birthday Bash Steve took some pictures that were amazing.

100_6161.JPG - me
Matt knows who the picture taking man is.

Steve said (of course) that it had a lot to do with the person behind the camera, and I agree, I watched him pose his subjects and plan the shot, and it was impressive, but the camera quality really enhances the picture too. Here is an example, both pictures were taken within a couple seconds of one another:

100_6167.JPG - me
This one is mine, good picture.

Lua Party 3 of 73 - Steve
This one is Steve's, wow. My camera would never capture Jenny's eye color like that in that backlight. (this comes off of Facebook, sorry if it doesn't display)

I have a CD coming mature in a few days, it will probably take all my will power to not get a new camera