18 January 2010

Second Week in January 2010

Ch-Ch-Changes! Boy talk about things changing around in a hurry. Robin and Tim said they are moving out by the end of February, so I'm working on a plan. There is another plan too, a money plan. This is one that will provide some budgetary stability that has been missing for far too long, no more paycheck to paycheck (hopefully forever!). We made some positive changes at work too. 2010 is quite exciting so far!

Monday was a day of planning. Tuesday I finished up the plans and then went to VK's house for dinner. Wednesday was the start of putting the money plan in place, and I sold some stock.

Wednesday evening was Keith's birthday party. We had dinner at Old Chicago on 132nd, I've had very nice dinners at that location before, but this time the food was bad and I think they overcharged us for drinks, or it least it was very expensive. Afterward, we went over to Jenny and Becky's (still no sign of the alleged third roommate) and had cake.

Keith's Birthday #1 - Me
Yeah, those candles are not going to be blown out on the first try.

Thursday was a stay at evening.

Friday after work I ended up going to JNO. It was quite the adventure. We had Keith's birthday jam, Hugh trying to avoid the camera, Ben barely living through the evening, and a new superhero arrived on the dance scene!

100_1070.jpg - Me
I'm not certain just who is behind that mask, but I think we all feel safer now...

100_1082.jpg - Me
I think this picture was taken when Bethany and I had a misunderstanding about whether or not I was handing the camera to her, but it turned out well.

The rest of my pictures of the night are here.

Saturday during the day I ran errands by myself, then I ran errands with VK. I ended up with a new pair of jeans and a new pair of sunglasses. Have you ever noticed that when you try on new sunglasses, you have to try on the silliest ones you can find? Unless you're Troy or Jillian, I suppose.

Saturday night was Matt and Vivian's housewarming party. Two things are immediately obvious about Saturday night: a lot of fog, and a lot of food, one of which there is visual evidence for below. I had my camera with me, but somehow I didn't take any pictures, it must be a first, so thank Matt for the photos.

DSCF0033.jpg - Matt
It was all so good, I can hardly move still. Photo credit: Matt

DSCF0069.jpg - Matt
I told Jenny NOT to ask Jack about the horse that kicked him. Photo credit: Matt

DSCF0056.jpg - Matt
Vivian got her nose pierced? Some thing is very odd about these cups Photo credit: Matt

Matt took a few more pictures, including a cute one of a certain couple. You can find them here

Sunday morning I got up at a reasonable hour and met VK for church, and somehow ended up on TV. After church we went to eat at Jason's Deli. After we ordered I went to the restroom, opened the door and was greeted with about an inch of standing water ... and a three or four year old boy maniacally flushing the urinal three or four times a second. I wasn't quite sure whether to laugh or beat him, so I settled for leaving quietly. A deli employee was heading back to the bathroom with a mop as I left.

Later on I met with Troy and Merinda about living arrangements. I will be moving in with them near the end of February. I'll be in the back corner, so it should be nice and quiet. I hate waiting... It's still January, isn't it?

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