25 January 2010

Third Week in January 2010

Eek! I'm on call this week, dullsville. Monday was dull. Tuesday was dull, except for the part about getting calls all night. Wednesday after work I went to VK's house, had an omelet and helped her set up her new computer, not so dull. Thursday I couldn't manage to figure out how to set an alarm, so I was :45 late to work, otherwise Thursday was dull.

I'm trying to encourage my mother to answer e-mails. I think she would enjoy at least looking through pictures of her children, maybe even YouTube. But I cannot even get her to e-mail yet. She has a laptop and internet, but basically uses it for solitaire ... as one of my friends says "That's an expensive deck of cards."

Friday after work VK and I went out to Lansky's to eat. My blessed sleep for the night was short lived I started getting work phone calls early and often. They seemingly came in within three minutes of me falling back to sleep ... until 1630! I just gave up, got up, cleaned up, and went to Kaleb's for game night.

We played five games of 'Werewolf' (Lupus en Tabula), many of you may know this game as "Mafia". I got punked by a seven year old who was a werewolf. I got killed by her, however the villagers eventually won ... winning posthumously, yay. After that we played two games of Shadow Hunters. Followed by an unbelievably easy game of Shadows Over Camelot, CJ was the traitor, it's pretty dull to be traitor in that game. The last game of the evening was Betrayal at House on the Hill. I didn't finish the last game, I was finally so tired I let Angela finish the game for me.

I slept through the night without any calls, and finally was woken up about 0745. I eventually went to church, worked on a picture project (see next paragraph) until I went to VKs for dinner. We had a new dessert, called Cobbcrisp. Unfortunately, the visit was cut short by more snow. As I drove home I saw six cars "in the ditch", four of them facing the wrong way ... I kept slowing down, but made it home eventually and got a full nights sleep.

The picture project I am working on is to get all the pictures on my computer onto my Flickr account. This means I am going back and putting pictures on from 2004 and 2005 right now. I am still disappointed I managed to lose all my pictures dated from 3/31/2005 until 12/31/2005. I may have them on a hard drive, but that hard drive goes "click, click, click", when you plug it in. Anyway, the pictures are not particularly good, but some of them are fun. I'll be continuing on this little project for a while. You can check out my latest uploadings with the Flickr link about.

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Kate said...

I just realized the other day that THERE IS NOTHING BACKING UP THE PICTURES ON MY LAPTOP! I freaked out.