16 February 2010

Goodbye Sierra

Sierra - Me

Today is the day I've dreaded for a while, Sierra will be joining her new family tonight. Now, don't get me wrong, my imagination would be hard pressed to come up with a situation that could possibly better than her going to live with Sarah and Nathon. They are loving and responsible, and I am certain after the stress of adjusting (for everyone involved), she will be in a wonderful family.

I had put my first cat down in 2003, and I was still stinging from it several months later (on Feb 11, 2004) when a neighbor came over to my house and asked me if I wanted a kitten, her mother had found one in her barn. I hesitated, not really wanting to take on another cat. I went over to look, (1st picture) and she was such a cute thing, but something was wrong, she had a broken (and dead) tail that was going to have to be removed. That sealed the deal for me, I already had plenty of experience with tail-less pets!

Since then, she has been with me, the subject of many photos. She has been a source of warmth, a black hole for milk, and supply for stories; two of my favorite are when she flipped the dead mouse on the shelf in between Kevin and I, or when I walked through the door to find an avocado on the floor sitting in between two innocent cats. Let's not forget her weakness, and source of my endless amusement, blue corn chips.

Look, the hardest thing I ever did in my life was put down Cherokee, the next hardest was putting down Katie. I am sure there are dozens and dozens of tougher things that I have done than taking a cat I love and putting her into the home of people I love, but I am still sad.

So goodbye Sierra Adamshick ... hello Sierra Epperly-Hood, you will be loved even more than you were before.

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Shera said...

How sad! But glad that Sierra is happy?!