15 February 2010

Second Week in February 2010

Welcome to my description of my week! Now featuring the return of pictures!

Monday was very weird. The first thing was I woke up Monday morning with a decent amount of sleep, but with an odd migraine ... no it was not a hangover, I know what that is like. I took my meds and laid back down, and slept for three more hours. That doesn't happen with migraines. I felt fine after that, but did miss work. The second thing that was odd was waking up from the extended sleep with the complete set of rules for a new game in my head ... this is the second time this has happened to me. I was saying the other one was 18 months ago, but I was still in the house with Kevin then.

This game is much easier to get on paper. I hope to alpha test it sometime soon, I actually have all the rules down, the board set up, and cards designed already, a playable version, not a polished version. I actually have pretty high hopes this will be a fun game, balancing might take a few tries.

Monday night I went to my guitar lesson. Ben R. and I sat and talked for a half an hour after the lesson. I am quite happy with how it is going, and finding ten minutes for practice is turning out to be much easier than I thought.

Tuesday was a regular work day, I went home after work, and nothing exciting happened.

Wednesday after work I met VK at Whole Foods for dinner. We ate and then went wandering around the store. There were a couple interesting items in the cheese section.

cheese02 - Me
This picture came out of the goatcheesecake discussion.

cheese01 - Me
Seriously, who wrote the copy for this "...refreshing goaty tang."

From there we went to UNO's Criss Library to see this exhibit of political posters. A found a couple things to be pretty amazing. A poster for Kennedy for President in Polish. A flyer for a third party candidate for senate that referred to the other two parties as the "DemoGOPs" (some things never change). The thing that moved me most was a small poster of the (Los Angeles) Japanese Internment order. I can think of several reasons it was so moving for me, the first thought is that I know that Kevin's grandfather lives in Los Angeles ... now I have no idea if he, or any member of Kevin's Japanese heritage was ever interned, but it does lend a certain face to the event. The Japanese Internment is one of those things that you'd like to think would never happen again, but of course, there are people I know who would do something similar now without much hesitation. America is the great melting pot, it is a strength, not a problem.

Thursday was a regular work day, I went home after work, and nothing exciting happened. This sounds familiar.

This comic from Wondermark awaited me when I woke up Friday morning.

Wondermark #595 - David Malki
Yeah, this will be making me laugh for a while.

Friday was a busy day. On the way into work, I dropped my car off at the mechanic to get the brakes fixed, new tires put on, and a new serpentine belt. They were actually able to complete those repairs the same day. It rides like a new car, but it does still have the wheel noise. They now think it's a bad bearing. It'll go back in the shop Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. I'll have a fully functional car again! There was some excitement in the afternoon when I was trying to figure out how to get to the shop to pick up my car ... I'd like to give a big shout out to Rachel for helping me out.

After the car was all picked up, I went home, changed into my once a year pink clothing, and went to meet VK for a Valentine's dinner at Trini's. I had fish tacos, VK had a combination meal. I love fish tacos, and these were excellent.

IMG_0469.JPG - Me
We did have a nice meal, but we didn't eat like this.

Afterwards we went to the shop right across from Trini's. While we were in there, I saw something small and arty that I had to get for Matt and Vivian.

100_1162.JPG - Me
(in Vivian's hand) It's the sign for I love you that they made/make all the time. I hope they find a nice home for it.

We left there and went to the annual JNO Pink Party. Jenny really toned it down from her display last year, so much so that you have to search to find her in this years pictures.

100_1144.JPG - Me
I asked Lee to take some pictures of VK and I dancing ... Ben thought it was all about him.

100_1137.JPG - Me
Andi went for the subtle Pink Party outfit. Jose is wearing his once a year pink shirt.

100_1188.JPG - Me
It was also Katie's birthday jam. Happy birthday!

Saturday morning I got up and went and met Sarah and Nathon to make some final preparations for the transfer of ownership of Sierra to them. We met at PetsMart and got a few things. I am feeling better and better about this whole deal. If I am going to give her up, I can hardly imagine a better situation for her, Sarah and Nathon are loving and responsible.

I made a quick stop by VK's house and delivered Valentine's day flowers to her. I gave her a bunch of roses, and evidently each one had a different smell to it.

After this I made my way to Ben's apartment. Ben, Maeg, and I finished the game of Arkham Horror that we started back in the last decade. More to the point, the game finished us ... slowly. After two or three turns, it looked like we were going to lose within a couple more turns, but we kept holding on, and holding, and holding, never getting much closer to winning, but just barely hanging on. Finally, mercifully, the world was devoured by Azatloth. Somehow we awoke in an alternate universe and played again, this time using the Innsmouth expansion. Everything went right for us this time, and we easily kicked some ancient one booty.

I came home, and for what ever reason, I was asleep by 2300.

Sunday, I didn't make it to church. I have no really good excuse, I was up and doing chores, and I just set my priorities backwards, and did chores and watched the Daytona 500. Sometime in the middle of the pothole delay, I left to go for Valentine's Day dinner with VK. I stopped by Hy-Vee on the way, and picked up some more flowers ... it was funny, because I had already gotten VK flowers, I didn't really have to get more, so while I was looking around confident already, because I already had given her some, there were a half dozen guys milling about with slumped shoulders and sheepish looks.

V Day Dinner - Me
Dinner was Steak Gorgonzola.
We spent the evening watching the Olympics and being glad we weren't out in the cold.

Next week, Mardi Gras and moving.

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