16 February 2010

Lenten Sacrifice 2010

Happy Mardi Grad! While I am stuffing my face to excess today, somewhere in the back of my mind is what is going to happen the following 40 days. As I have discovered from my past experiences, these 40 days end up not being so much about sacrificing something, as much as it ends up being about forming new habits. This year for my Lent I am:

Giving up: Soda* - yes, there is an asterisk there. I am not sure how else to do this. I am not going to give up caffeine, at least not this year, and I don't drink coffee, so I kind of have to do this part way. So, I am only going to have soda between the hours of 0800 and 1400*, otherwise it is water. I accept this is part way, but hopefully it will be a good start. If you see me with a soda outside these hours prior to Easter, please feel free to ask about it.

Taking on: My Exercise Program - no provisos here. I am determined to do something every day under the 'something is better than nothing' banner. You can see how I am doing here.

* this was edited, it originally said "0730 and 1330".

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