15 July 2010

First Week in July 2010

Monday was Independence Day. I celebrated the day with laziness, then a walk with Brianne, then more laziness, then meeting Jillian, Lee, Ben, and Lisa at the pool hall. The event was to hang with Jillian before she headed back to NYC. We played a couple games of pool, then went to eat at Maru on 108th & Mockingbird. Yeah, the sushi was okay, but the meal I had not so much, so I'm not recommending eating there.

Tuesday was lawn work and dance practice. Wednesday I went over to Shannon's, while she studied, the kids and I goofed off until the five of us convinced her to get ice cream. Thursday I finally tried Pudgie's Pizza, Sarah and I went out and ate there, and it was very good. We can tell you this, order ahead!

Friday was a JIVE meeting that started at 1800, and I get off work at 1800. I drove downtown and met up with the other people at the meeting. It was the usual JIVE stuff. Kat was at the meeting and asked to borrow my camera later, so after I grabbed some dinner, I cleaned up and brought my camera with me.

100_4103.JPG - me
It was Holly's last weekend in town, I don't think Olin wanted her to go.

100_4113.JPG - me 100_4114.JPG - me
Camera in one hand, cake frosting on the other ... I crack me up. Just in case you are wondering, Jenny is yelling my name, Shannon is just in shock.

The rest of my pictures for the evening can be found here. After the dance we all headed out to Village Inn, just like the old days.

Saturday was a Shakespeare sandwich on Kaleb bread. Kaleb hosted a game 'night' during the day. So we played badminton, and had a few adult beverages.

100_4125.JPG - me
The only remaining question is how far back will I tumble?

100_4130.JPG - me
The downside to playing right next all these bushes is it is the natural hiding place of the badminton birdie.

Around 1900 Brianne and I took off and went over to Elmwood Park and Shakespeare on the Green.

P1070321 - Matt
This is one of my favorite Omaha traditions. Photo courtesy of Matt

I had heard from three sources that the show, Two Gentlemen of Verona: the Musical, was not good, but I thought the show was good and the music made it even more fun. I imagine that Shakespeare purists might have cringed, but I had a good time. After the play was finished, we went back to Kaleb's for more fun, glow in the dark badminton, and several games of Werewolf. It wasn't quite as epic as last week, but Brianne and Jess were yelling 'liar' at each other, that was good stuff. You can see my pictures from Kaleb's here. You can see pictures from Shakespeare on the Green here, and from Matt here.

Sunday had the latest installment of Lindy in the Park. I didn't stay the entire time due to needing to be at church at 1700, but I enjoyed the dancing while I was there.

P1070413 - Matt
There were about 25-30 people there, oddly enough, my pictures don't show it. Photo courtesy of Matt

100_4177.JPG - me
Our intrepid DJ is up and awake at 1300, seems kind of early to me.

100_4172.JPG - me
This is the basis for my latest brushes project.

You can see the rest of my Lindy in the Park pictures here and Matt's start here.

After I left Lindy in the Park, I ran home cleaned up, and went to the latest installment of Mass Chaos. We had eleven people, a new record! That and more ladies than men. After church we went to Q'Doba and generally had a loud fun time. The only thing that was remaining for the week was a walk around the neighborhood.

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