28 July 2010

Birthday Week 2010

Okay, we've finally hit the busy-ness of summer. My years cycle like this, sometime around November I'll get everything done I'm skimping on now. These weekly articles may get a little shorter for the rest of the summer and the beginning of fall.

A quick word on my birthday, between well wishers, dancers, picnickers, and church goers I think I could probably thank 150 people. You all are the reason my life is so wonderful, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Monday I kind of ended up on the short end of the on call stick, so I had to take on call for one day. It was better than taking it for the entire week of my birthday. Tuesday after work I did lawn work, and then participated in the final (for a while) dance practice. Afterwards everyone gathered around the new firebowl with marshmallows.

Wednesday after work I went to the park with Shannon and her kids. CJ was learning to ride a bike, in part because his sixth birthday was on Sunday. I took a bunch of pictures, all with my iPhone, so nothing high quality.

CJ learning to ride a bike and a night at the park 5 of 56 - shannon
Allegedly I am in this picture, I don't know what they are talking about.
Photo courtesy of Shannon (from Facebook).

IMG_0737.JPG - me
CJ is so stinking photogenic.

You can see the rest of my lame pictures here, I don't know what the Facebook rules on Shannons pictures are, but they can be found here.

Thursday I decided to cook some chicken curry. I really liked the way it came out. I added veggies, and then mixed it in with too much rice, when will I learn?

Friday was my 29th birthday (17th try). Work was quiet. After work I went out to eat with Kevin, Todd, Brianne, and Frank.

CJ learning to ride a bike and a night at the park 5 of 56 - shannon
I had Brianne snap this shot of us as we walked out. I like it a lot.
Photo courtesy of Brianne (from Facebook).

After dinner, we hung out for a little bit, I made a shake with coffee ice cream and cream rum that was really good, and then we headed to the dance. I put my camera in the hands of Rob and enjoyed my birthday.

100_4426.JPG - me
I started out the birthday jam with Corinn, since we share a birthday we don't really get to dance together in our jams.

100_4444.JPG - me
We had a cake, I made the birthday people hold hands.

100_4453.JPG - me
I am not implying that I did not deserve a face full of frosting, but really Lindsay? LOL

You can see the rest of my birthday dance pictures here, and they are good, because you know, Rob took them, including a great one of Brianne about to make me scream like a little girl.

Saturday got off to a lazy start, I bet I say that every week. This time however I got all my chores done in the middle of the day before I headed out the door to hear a free concert with The Confidentials at Aksarben.

To say the weather was perfect would have been an understatement.

100_4492.JPG - me 100_4504.JPG -  me
100_4497.JPG - me 100_4511.JPG - me
We played in the fountains at the far end of the park.

100_4531.JPG - me
Did I mention the weather was perfect?

I took a ton of pictures and you can find them here. Brianne took a bunch of pictures from Friday and Saturday and put them up on Facebook, you can find them here, although it is called Eric's Birthday weekend, for some reason some of them have nothing to do with me ... yeah, I know. After the concert, Merinda, Frank, Joe, and I headed up to Kat's birthday. There were pictures taken, but not really for general consumption.

Sunday was the latest installment of Mass Chaos. Good news, we met our second FOCUS person, Amy, and I'm looking forward to supporting her mission. Bad news: Brianne was sick, and missed her first weekend of church in a while.

After church was my birthday picnic. So many people came out, it was wonderful, again like last year and Saturday night, perfect weather.

100_4622.JPG - me
Yes, you are very clever and witty with your comments.

100_4634.JPG - me
This is all taking place about eight feet off of the ground.

100_4638.JPG - me
It must be mine, it has my name on it.

100_4669.JPG - me
I did this first, then Kamber did it. Once again me being the wrong type of influence. This picture might be worth a look up close, the detail of the water hitting her face is cool.

You can see the rest of my photos of my birthday picnic here, Matt took a bunch, they can be found here, and Jillian's camera produced four, you can see them here (and go forward to see them).

Next week, on call, so maybe no new tales to tell.


Kate said...

Happy birthday, my friend! I'm so glad you have so many loving and fun friends in your life. Makes it all kind of worth it, doesn't it?

Sarah A said...

How do you start these birthday jams? I think I need a 'Rednecks birthday jam' next year. Sounds fun. :)