21 July 2010

Second Week in July 2010

So the big overall story is that I've lost more than ten pounds since June 1. This was not planned, and really, not wanted. So Monday and Tuesday I stayed home from work, and saw the doctor about it, and she seemed unconcerned, but took some blood (the results came back 'normal'), and told me to get a physical. I'm hoping it's just my usual summer not wanting to eat combined with staying busy.

Tuesday after I saw the doctor I ended up feeling much better, probably because she set my mind at ease. I got home, slept and then did yard work. After that we had dance practice scheduled, but no one said they were coming, so it got canceled, and then people showed up in droves. So we went for ice cream at DQ, much hilarity ensued and boundaries were obliterated. That's why I love my friends.

Wednesday was the latest storm of the century. 70 mile an hour winds, torrential downpours, lightening everywhere, and a rainbow, er double rainbow. You may not believe this, but I took pictures.

photo.JPG - me
Shortly after this past over the house it went from 91°F temperature / 81°F dewpoint to 79°F temperature / 72° dewpoint in about three minutes.

100_4251.JPG - me
This would be an example of more lucky than good, but I was prepared.

If I could take a 360° view it would be the most amazing sky ever.

The rest of my storm pictures can be found here.

Thursday during lunch I took my camera, got into Mel's car, and we went over to the lake to take dragonfly pictures.

100_4289.JPG 100_4298.JPG - me
100_4308.JPG - me 100_4311.JPG - me

You can see the rest of these pictures here. In the evening I went for a walk along the Keystone trail with Brianne, it led to a very funny incident that was not caused by me. I'm not telling, but it was funny, and we had to be rescued.

So my weekend was planned to be one thing, and then turned out to be nothing at all like that at all. Thank God for flexibility and having a plan B. Friday night turned into an ice cream (er, custard) fest at Shannon's. The funniest part of the night came before the party. I went to Shannon's directly from work, picked up Kamber, and we went to pick up pizza. After we already had the pizza and we were heading back to the house I got a text from Shannon asking me when I was going to put up Kamber and get the pizza ... hey mom, I already have her! Here are some pictures, a lot of headshots.

100_4341.JPG - me 100_4345.JPG - me
100_4347.JPG - me 100_4354.JPG - me
100_4367.JPG - me 100_4384.JPG - me

You can see the rest of my ice cream (er, custard) party photos here. After the ice cream (er, custard) party, I went to the dance. It was a good time, no pictures this week.

Saturday my plans were still in 'fell through' status, and it was hot, so I ended up going out to Louisville Lakes with Brianne and her sister Laura, and her boyfriend, a man only known as Shupe. It was a perfect day to be in a lake, well except for the seaweed.

100_4397.JPG - me

Saturday evening Brianne and I ate at Vivace. Meagan was there working, but she was serving inside and I wanted to eat outside. I like the heat.

Sunday was the unofficial Mass Chaos road trip to West Point, Nebraksa. You can read about it here. However there was one picture that I really really liked, so I'm going to put it up here, it was on the iron work around the choir loft. Also there was a brown t-shirt a young lady was wearing on the front that said "You are what you eat" and on the back it said (something like) "when you eat my body and drink my blood...". I think I coveted the shirt, if anyone knows anything about this shirt...

100_4417.JPG - me

The trip back was kind of wandering, I think I saw a river I hadn't seen before, at least one turkey vulture, and we somehow ended up in Iowa, oops. It was nice to visit with Frank for a while Brianne studied.

Sunday evening I went with Troy, Merinda, and CJ to see Inception. I like movies, and other forms of art that trust the viewer to interpret the meaning. I've already heard three different points of view on what was happening in the movie, and I have a fourth myself I haven't shared, but it's an entertaining mind bender.

That's all. The weekend started out looking 'fail' and ended up 'win'. Now if only my work weeks looked like that.

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