03 July 2010

Fourth Week in June 2010

Monday I made what is likely to be my final trip to Rosenblatt Stadium, and definitely my last College World Series game there. UCLA beat TCU, and although we were rooting for TCU, it wasn't so bad, it featured a very exciting late rally, a highlight reel catch, an arrest in the outfield stands, and Sarah Porter singing the National Anthem.

The CWS is a great event, the city and CWS committee have made the ballpark into baseball shrine, ESPN has helped to make the event relevant on a national stage. However Rosenblatt Stadium has all the inconvenience of a neighborhood ballpark (like Wrigley Field), but with none of the good things that come with it. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful ballpark, but parking is ugh, and the neighborhood has about two or three permanent bars, and they're not at all like Wrigleyville. Omaha has a great downtown with a lot do, housing (as in hotels) in the neighborhood of the ballpark, Creighton, the riverfront, and the pedestrian bridge all right there where . Let's just call the park the new 'Blatt, and it looks beautiful going up, it's the right thing to move it downtown.

IMG_0620.JPG - Me
The weather was as beautiful as it looks here.

IMG_0620.JPG - Me
Funniest moment of the evening; beach balls fly in between innings. One kept getting hit after the game restarted, security wanted it held, and the people in the stands played keep away, eventually it got knocked on to the field and taken away, the security guy says "That's why you people can't have nice things".

IMG_0620.JPG - Me
Believe it or not, there was baseball too.

You can see the other 35 pictures I took too.

Tuesday I did lawn work, and not much else. Wednesday evening I hung out on the back porch with Brianne, Merinda joined us too. For some unknown reason, bugs bite Brianne in droves and hardly ever bother me, so eventually bugs killed the pretty evening ... silly bugs.

Thursday I went with Brianne, Sarah A., Troy, and Merinda to see Sarah Porter's latest show, Little Women: The Musical. It was quite marvelous. I love theater in a way that movies and television cannot achieve with me. I know the story, but the acting was really moving, and I can admit I cried, well I might as well admit it, every one else will tell you I did. Thanks Sarah Porter and Rachael S. for a great show and chatting with Sarah A. and I until after 1100.

Friday night was dancing and then IHOP followed by some beautiful night time weather.

Saturday morning I woke up motivated and got all sorts of chores done. I was able to nearly finish my list and was ready for church in plenty of time. This was the latest installment of Mass Chaos and no one died. After Mass Chaos we had an adventure.

First stop, Michael's in the Old Market, next the Summer Arts Festival World Stage, finally Rock Band at Kaleb's until who knows when.

100_3706.JPG - Me
We need a table for five, seven, um ten.

used with permission from Brianne
Everyone loves Frank. Photo courtesy of Brianne

100_3710.JPG - Me
Heartland of America Park, fountain, moon, casino ... not seen, absolutely perfect weather.

You can catch the rest of the pictures I took and see if I really can take a good dancing picture.

Sunday I didn't have church for the first time in a while, having gone on Saturday night. First time in quite a while. I knew I wanted to go for a walk, but I really waited until the last minute to decide and go. I drove to Harrah's , parked and walked to the BK Pedestrian Bridge, then down to the Summer Arts Festival ... and back again. I figure somewhere between 5.25 and 5.75 miles total. Which turned out to really not be bad at all. Oh, I had my camera.

100_3721.JPG - Me
The downtown Omaha skyline.

100_3753.JPG - Me
The 'squee' content of this picture is very high.

100_3775.JPG - Me
The weather the last two weeks has been amazing.

Here are the rest of the pictures I took on my walk.

Unsurprisingly, after my walk I came home and napped. Later on I met Sarah at Culver's and had ice cream. Every great week should end with ice cream.

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