02 November 2010

Third Week in October 2010

You may have noticed (by reading here or just looking at it) that I haven't cut the lawn in a while. Troy had the lawn aerated about a month ago, then (I thought) overseeded. Monday I came home and rushed through cutting the lawn while there was light. I bagged everything up. It turns out that the lawn care company screwed up and had just recently overseeded, I wasn't aware, so I probably bagged up most of the new seed. I felt really bad about it.

Work has been an adventure lately, so Tuesday when I got home from work, Merinda asked if I would like a drink, I said yes. Well, she gets out the shaker, a bottle of rum, and ice, shakes it and serves me a 2/3 full martini glass of straight rum. Eek! I sipped it through making dinner. Then we had our last 'Thriller' practice. I felt a little, um, unsure of my steps.

When I was in the military I was not late for my shift even once in three and a half years. Wednesday I overslept for work for the second time in three months. I had forgotten to set my alarm. I fixed my alarm so I couldn't forget. No lunch hour for me.

Thursday night I tried out Theology on Tap, oddly enough, for the first time even though I have meant to get there for several years. The subject was balancing life and God, I heard one of the smartest things I've ever heard about this "The question is how do I balance my life and my relationship with God? The answer is: I don't." The talk part took about an hour, after it was over we talked for a while. Eventually, Joe, Kat, and I ended up at ice cream.

Friday I had Kimee time. Several months back I took Kamber shopping, and this time I took Kimee. It turned out that Kimee's friend Maggie came with us. Out of respect for Kimee, and NO other reason we went to Runza to eat. We then proceeded over to Old Navy, and found exactly nothing to buy for clothes. Still, the company was fun. Eventually I headed downtown to the dance. It was Jenny's birthday jam, and I couldn't miss that. After the dance we headed over to the Donut Stop for donutty goodness in celebration of Lisa's birthday there was more than a little goofy laughing.

Saturday was the annual Jenny organized trip to Vala's pumpkin patch. We had a pretty good group, this year, but not as big as some years. The weather looks great in the pictures, but it was windy, and therefore dusty.

First stop was the four person cycling course. Not to gossip, but Jenny didn't pedal as hard as I did, Sarah and Heather were passengers. Photo credit: Matt

Next up was one of the two one person cycling courses. Photo credit: Matt

My bouncing has style!

100_8616 100_8641
100_8647 100_8635
There were a lot of different bouncing styles...

...but this one was the best.

100_8648 P1000951.JPG
All that bouncing makes you hungry.

Pig races were next. I think this is cute, but some people go crazy for it.

She thinks my tractor's sexy. I had to recurve my hat before this was taken. Photo credit: Julia

We all slid down the red tube. Well Sarah didn't, she doesn't like to do the ride things.

100_8673 P1010013.JPG
100_8676 100_8677
We tackled the corn maze, and we didn't finish as a group. Upper right photo credit: Matt

Who knew so many of my friends lived in the shoe with the old woman?

How many people does it take to fill up a rocking chair?

We rode the train, then did the other cycle course, then bounced some more.

100_8714 100_8718
I'm pretty sure I am innocent, I don't know about the other three.

100_8723 100_8729
Anne, Jenny and I were the last ones there, we had some fun with a camel, some goats, and some wandering hats.

We also did a haunted house, danced to a bluegrass band, and got some ice cream. Obviously from the number of pictures I included, it's one of my favorite things to do every year. I took a load of pictures, they can be found here, Matt also took a bunch of pictures, they can be found here. I'm pretty sure there are pictures all over Facebook from Anne, Jenny, Julia, and Sarah.

I went home, and then it was time for Lisa's ??? birthday party. The venue was the Bancroft Street Market, I was not aware of it before, but it is a very nice place suitable for art shows or events. Anyway, the place was great and the party also.

Lisa surrounded by 19 men ... (you finish this one yourself).

P1010127.JPG P1010199.JPG
There was plenty of good music by Stephen Monroe, and Insignificant Other (featuring Lisa Barrett). Both photos credit: Matt

As advertised.

100_8775 100_8732
P1010132.JPG P1010224.JPG
Because this was a party involving a certain group of people, there was plenty of things that fell into the inexplicable category. Bottom photos credit: Matt

It was a wonderful party, I was sad to see it wrap up early. Here are my pictures of the event, here are Matt's, and Lisa had a professional photographer take pictures too, they can be seen on Facebook here.

Sunday morning was the definitely the most uncomfortable Mass Chaos to date, we went to a liturgically conservative church. The homily and Mass itself led to some diversity of opinion. The quality of my friends shown through however, we shared our opinions respectfully and discussed our thoughts about it. If that was the worst we'll get at Mass Chaos, I'll take it. We ate lunch at the 11Worth Cafe ... I guess I eat there once a decade whether I want to or not.

We then immediately went to DJ's Dugout to watch the Bears play. I've been sad when the Bears have been bad because we didn't have talent, and I've been upset when we didn't play hard. This years version plays so hard, yet is just stupid, and by that I mean the coaching staff. A great example is a sequence of plays in the third quarter. Cutler hits a long pass that almost makes it into the endzone, the Bears coach, Lovie Smith challenges the play, it was close, but it wasn't THAT close. Two plays later on a QB sneak that replay shows is a touchdown, but on the field is ruled a fumble that the Bears lose, he does nothing.

I'm not predicting what would have happened if it would have been ruled a touchdown, but the Bears lost by 3 points. That's frustration. Sure, Cutler is not the second coming of Otto Graham, but you've had him for a year and a half, if you're the coaching staff, you ought to know what you've got and how to get the most out of it. The defensive side of the ball sure does, so does the special teams. With a record of 4-3, and a great defense, some intelligence applied to the offense could go a long way.

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