15 December 2010

Second Week in December 2010

Monday and Wednesday this week I had as bad of migraines as I've had in a long time, but I made it through work and through the day. Sandwiched in between was an awesome Tuesday, I felt great, my attitude was fantastic, and it was a celebration day! After work on Wednesday it was a special Immaculate Conception edition of Mass Chaos. Afterward, we went to the Rose Garden. Thursday I was feeling better, not as good as Tuesday though, but better. I did plenty of chores with my new found energy.

Friday night I went out to JNO and there was a live band, The Grand Marquis from Kansas City. Since it was a favorite band, I got there early so I could hear the entire set. I enjoyed the show, afterward several of us went out to Alvarado's in Council Bluffs until the wee hours of the morning.

I kind of saw this coming, so I was thinking
"Really, you're going to take a picture right now? Photo credit: Matt

Saturday morning was the storm of the century, the early December 2010 version. Minneapolis / Saint Paul certainly got snowed on, but we didn't. We did have plenty of cold and wind, plus a little snow. I took some pictures on my way to and from the next item.

This last of these had two different people call it amazing. I'm not so sure, I almost deleted it because I thought it "meh". I kept it because of the shape of the snow crystals. You can see the rest of my pictures here.

The reason that I was out was Bart and Margaret's wedding reception.

Two of the sweetest people I know, and me.

The weather was indeed frightening, but it was worth it.

Best bride photo I've taken, it was easy with a beautiful subject.

You can see the rest of my wedding reception photos here. Matt took some too, they are here.

Saturday night I wandered back out into the cold for a small housewarming party at Sarah's. It wasn't a big place, so don't be hurt if you weren't invited, we really did fill it. I didn't get a whole lot of good pictures, except one of me, but I thought I'd spare you from that. It's funny how much difference ten years makes, some of gentlemen at the party decided to run up to the top of the hill, barefoot, in -20F wind chill. Ten years ago I would have participated ... am I a little smarter these days, or do I just not like to be cold?

Oh the things I do for the amusement of my friends. Photo credit: Vivian

Winter '10 #34 - Sarah
Really the only group shot we got ... that I can put up. Photo credit: Sarah

Sunday morning was the latest edition of Mass Chaos. Later on, the official Mass Chaos Auxillary Bears Fans meeting took place in the usual spot with the usual suspects ... but something was missing, oh yeah, a Bears win. We got spanked, which I think we amazingly didn't worry about. The Packers losing helps a lot. The last thing that happened this week is I went over to CJ's to play Pathfinder, it was a good session, and we made it to level 4! Go us!

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