10 January 2011

2010 / 2011 Bridge Week

Monday I got a surprise invitation to play Cutthroat Solitaire at VK's house. Naturally, I won, but both VK and Kristie made it close at the end. It's a fun game that kind of plays into a few of my strengths, pattern recognition and peripheral vision. I have been beat at it ... I think, but not by Vivian.

Tuesday was the roughest day at work in a long time. I was very frustrated, and I had to remind myself that the worst day at my current employer is about an average day at Cox Communications. I did need to come home and unwind however. That is what laundry is for.

Wednesday was the latest installment of Pathfinder. It was the craziest ending of a session I have ever seen. We were just wrapping it up when Chris (Bypoe / Human Monk) and Jess (LaSandra / Half-Elf Rogue) decided to try to disarm the door to the room we were going to rest in. They tripped something and a portcullis slammed down, with four of us on the inside, and those two on the outside. Grrrr. We spent the next twenty minutes (of real time) trying to find a release for it. It was quite the cliffhanger with a construct (robot) approaching them and us stuck behind the portcullis.

Thursday night was a special edition 'game' night at Kaleb's house. By game, I mean the Husker's bowl appearance. One of the big problems I have with the bowl system is that teams don't always show up to play, and it is hardly ever the fault of the coaching staff. Sometimes the players on one team aren't ready to play, or don't look interested, or think they should have been in a different, more prestigious bowl. The Nebraska team looked that way this year. Oh, and quit your whining Nebraska fans, having a good football team is something to be treasured, not a birthright. If you can go to a BCS game once every five years you probably are doing pretty well.

Friday I relaxed all day and then got ready to go the Jitterbugs New Years party. I had set up duty. I had a good time, but so did a lot of people. I was very happy with my camera.

This was the view of the fireworks from the Eagle's Lodge parking lot.

Okay, so I'm not quite as in love with this as when I took it, but it's still a pretty dang good picture.

I sat out the shim sham to take a few photos.

Maggie and Jillian risked serious razor burns to pose for this picture.

The new year dawned with, what else, a party at our house. In celebration of the new year, I changed my clothes four times in two hours. I also had some trouble drinking, so I didn't.

There were camera shenanigans ...

... dancing shenanigans (yes, this is actually dancing) ...

... and just plain old shenanigans.

A good time was had by most, if not all. I went to bed at 0445. You can see the rest of my New Years party pictures here, and Jillian's are here. The rest of Saturday was spent at home recovering my energy.

Sunday was the latest edition of Mass Chaos. We had are largest crowd yet, sixteen. Immediately after Mass we went out to eat at Don and Millie's to eat, and then to my house to watch the Bears game. We lost, but we're in the playoffs and heading in the right direction.

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