19 January 2011

Second week in January 2011

Monday was the start of on call. The only thing that happened was some light, powdery snow that covered the area. I upgraded my iPhoto to '11, and on Tuesday I worked with the facial recognition feature, it was funny who it would mistake for someone else ... do I look like Jenny? Really. I also found a bunch of photos that I thought were lost forever from 2002-06. Yay! Wednesday I stayed home and didn't do much.

Thursday after work VK came over and we had dinner and then did a 20 minute yoga workout with Merinda too that was horribly difficult. The lady in the video could not have been more amazing with her flexibility. I was still sore on Sunday, and I wasn't trying very hard to match the lady at all.

Friday after work I came home and played some video games. After it seemed like there would be no calls, I went to the last 1:15 of the dance, and then our to Alvarado's afterwards.

Saturday was a whole lot of sleep interrupted by the occasional work issue. When I was awake, I played Borderlands. Later in the evening, Maggie came over and we watched Singing in the Rain. It's always amazing to watch the dancers, and I have two thoughts, modern dancers just plain rip off Donald O'Connor's Make 'em Laugh routine. The other thing that blew me away was Gene Kelly standing up (slowly) from a kneeling position with toes pointed backwards to standing on his toes. He did this without waving his arms, just legs and core muscles, it was amazing. We had to watch twice to make sure that's really what we saw. I tried to find a YouTube video of it, but I couldn't.

Sunday was the latest installment of Mass Chaos. After Mass Chaos, we went to Brewsky's at 153 and Q to watch the Bears game. This was the Bears first playoff game with Jay Cutler. It was a fairly dominating first half by the Bears. I know a bunch of people have thoughts about the Bears, I do too.

The Bears are a pretty boring team, but they are very good when they just do what they do. I admit, the Packers are a better football team. If both the Bears and the Packers played a 100 games against random teams, I would expect the Packers to win more, however. The Packers were built to be the best team, but the Bears were built to beat the Packers, and oh by the way, they aren't too bad either. The other thing about the Bears that I find interesting is they can, especially the defense, act a lot like the second run the Bulls had with Michael Jordan, they conserve energy when they don't have to play hard. The offense got them out to a big lead on Sunday and then the defense kind of coasted. This is not necessarily a compliment. The difference is that Michael Jordan had a killer instinct, and I'm not sure the Bears do, of course no one had it like MJ.

Here is another thing that makes me think the Bears should do well on Sunday. Vegas likes to make money, and the line sure seems like some sucker bet. Packers by 3 and over/under of 44. I bet the 'smart' money is going with the Packers and the over, that's what the experts are saying, the Packers winning big, I heard one expert say 33-17 Packers. Ha! Vegas will soon have your money. In two games this year the composite score was Packers 27, Bears 23. I think there is a possibility that the Packers could blow out the Bears like the Patriots did, but it's unlikely. Whenever any NFC teams matchup, I think 'close game with the home team winning'. That's my prediction this week, if so, hello Super Bowl.

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