25 January 2011

Third Week in January 2011

Monday evening I got a late phone call at work and I ended up not getting out here until 1900, and then I took the slow way home through Hy-Vee and a couple phone calls and got home around 2015 with some groceries.

Tuesday was one of the strangest days I have ever had.
  • I was woken up by a migraine at 0600, took meds and went back to sleep.
  • I woke back up at 0815 and went to work.
  • I worked for about an hour and came home.
  • I slept from 1030 to around 1200.
  • I woke up feeling great.
  • I ran errands.
  • I went back to work.
Usually if my meds don't work in half hour, they aren't going to. Napping doesn't usually help headaches either. It was just strange, but a happy strange.

Wednesday after work I was feeling super restless, the kind of boredom and desire for excitement that I don't get much anymore. Troy and Merinda were very funny and understanding ... they made me laugh, and broke the tension using just two cats and a handful of hair ties as props.

Thursday was the first ever Mass Chaos bowling adventure. I did really well in the first game, I bowled a 180, but then finished badly and ended up with a three game 418 (corrected). I really think I need to get my own bowling ball. It would help tremendously, and it would be under $100.

I had Friday off, so I got up and got the snowblower working and cleared the driveway. I then went out to Whole Foods and went shopping in preparation for the cheese party on Saturday. I bought a Pecorino, which is made from sheep's milk ... more on this in a little bit. I came home, had a nap, and then went to get Kevin for the dance. We were going to go out to eat at China Buffet, but the line there was crazy, so we ate at Chipotle instead. I ended up at the dance, then left to pick Maggie up at the airport, tried fixing my radio's time issue which amused Jillian, then headed back to the dance. I went home early, and got some sleep.

Saturday was the cheese party. My Pecorino did not win, but I did like it. Lisa's cheese won, but I didn't like it very much, I thought it was weird. Here are a few scenes.

I tried Vivian's homemade cheese to be nice, but then liked it!

My prize for the 'cheesiest' joke. Photo credit: Matt

The new cheese champion is crowned.

You can see the rest of my Cheese Party pictures here, Matt has some, start here and go towards 'newer', and Jillian posted starting here and go towards 'newer'.

It was snowing when I left my house, the party went on for several hours, and by the time I got home there was a pretty good drift piled up around the garage and front door.

102_0308 Snow

This led, on Sunday, to the first ever cancelation of Mass Chaos. I woke up about 8:45, and got out to snowblow and shovel the drive and sidewalk at about 9:30. I figured it would be about 90 minutes to finish. Eek, that was a lot of snow. I gave up on it twice (and then kept going). The street plow came through about half way through, so that made it better, although I had to reshovel the end of the drive afterward. I'm really glad we did decide to cancel Mass Chaos. I'd have never gotten out of the neighborhood.

I'm also glad I started so early, I was having people over at 1400 to watch both football games and playing some board games.

So just a quick few words about football. Thanks Bears, you did well this year. All of you whiners, just lay off Cutler because he doesn't react like (you imagine) you would in the same situation. If you're playing in the NFL, you're plenty tough already, it's not a league for _______.

As for board games. We played three games, two were new to me. The first game I played was Castle Ravenloft, which is a Dungeon and Dragons game. It was Lindsay's first time playing any D&D game at all. We later played a game of Creationary, which is like "Pictionary" only with Lego's. It turned out to be quite funny with a lot of flexibility to the rules. We also played a game of Princes of Floren, which I didn't win, but I just feel like I should.

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