19 April 2012

Holy Week 2012

Monday during lunch I went running for the third time in 2012. I was a little concerned that it would be too cold, but there was no need to be worried. 1.86 mi (3k) in 19:16.6 ... although I exceeded my distance goal, my pace (10:22/mi) was only slightly faster than pouring cold maple syrup. After work I came home and enjoyed a quiet night hanging out by myself ... well almost by myself, I went out on the back deck to eat and saw someone familiar.

At the Park
Hannah Marie! ... oh, and her parents too.

Tuesday after work I hung out with Maggie, we went for a walk down by Gifford Farm. I wanted to see what the flood damage looked like first hand, it wasn't as bad as I had feared, although the boardwalk wasn't in good shape.

There were a few trees that were downed, I wanted to walk up this one,
but Maggie said no. She ruins all my neck-breaking stupid plans.

After the walk, we went downtown Bellevue and ate at Swine Dining.

Wednesday Maggie came over and I cooked pieroguies, and then we had a productive dance practice.

Thursday after work I went to Holy Thursday Mass. Father Joseph wanted to wash 12 people's feet, so since I was already going to be there for my confirmation, I (and my fellow classmates) were volunteered. The other eight people were from the parish. I knew I had Friday off as my floating holiday, so I stayed up kind of late.

Friday I was up and met Maggie over at Stinson Park and we went for a long walk along the Keystone Trail, it was a pi walk, 3.14 miles, I'm sure that it was an exactly irrational length. I left the walk, did some errands, finally got home mid afternoon, and immediately took a nap. In the evening I went to Good Friday service. After the service I ate and then to the dance, I heard one of my favorite follows was going to be there...

...or several of them. Photo credit: Matt

Babies make you do weird things. Photo credit: Matt

After the dance I went to the Donut Stop, but not with the usual crowd. It was still fun and funny, but I didn't stay up too late.

Saturday I slept in as long as I could, since I was expecting to be up late. In the early afternoon I baked cookies from scratch. I tried two different oatmeal cookie recipes, one that was difficult (the dough ended up in the fridge), and one that was easy. I over baked the second batch just a little too long, they were not as soft as I wanted them to be. Frank came over while I was baking and hung out for a while.

Saturday evening was the culmination of all those RCIA meetings, I was confirmed at the Easter Vigil. Thank you again to Joe for being my sponsor. Thank you to my classmates, Jamie and Stephanie, to Father Joseph, to the deacons Ron, Gary, and Subby, the helpers Sandy and Joyce, and to all of my friends who supported me during the year and showed up for the Vigil.

Eric' s Confirmation 002
Sarah, Marilou, Joe, Maggie, Frank, Beth, Josh, me, Cullen, and Jen.
Thank you again. Photo credit: Joe

Eric' s Confirmation 004
Look, we're both smiling! Photo credit: Joe

Eric' s Confirmation 007
Rosary, Crucifix, and book from the parish. Photo credit: Joe

Eric' s Confirmation 011
Ice cream! I don't know Maggie is doing. Photo credit: Joe

Eric' s Confirmation 014
Thank you to Frank (not pictured) for hosting the party,
here is the obligatory stuck-in-the-pantry picture. Photo credit: Joe

The evening ended at Frank's house, as usual, with Joe, Marilou, Sarah, and I whooping it up while Maggie and Frank desperately tried to stay awake. You can see all the pictures that Joe took here.

Sunday I slept in, got up at the crack of noon, and was lazy until about 1430 at which time I started cooking some peiroguies for Easter dinner at Amanda's. I took the borrowed toy and took a few pictures.

I'm not sure you can see what makes this picture hilarious, but I'm still laughing.

Part of the spread and all of the hosts.

Bocce ball! Maggie did quite well.

This is not an action shot.

Technically, this one is not either.

There was a Dance Central contest to end the evening...

in Spring has Sprung! by Amanda
...Maggie was first, I was second, Joe was third.
I don't know what is wrong with Joe and I. Photo credit: Amanda

Thank you very much to the hosts, Chris and Amanda. Dinner was good, multicultural, and very fun. You can see all 166 pictures I took from the event here.

Next week: Rachel and Jason get married.

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