17 April 2012

Last Week in March 2012

Monday immediately after work I met with Rachel about her wedding plans and my participation in taking pictures. Jason and Rachel bought a Canon Rebel XS, flash, and a couple of lenses, and they were lending it to me early so I could get used to it and be able to take pictures at the rehearsal and wedding. So, on Tuesday I came home and immediately grabbed the camera and went out to take pictures ... so I could practice.

I'm not sure I quite got the focus where I wanted it, but it was windy.

Maggie showed up, we came inside, and she made me alfredo for dinner, again.

Wednesday during lunch I went running at work, run #2 in 2012, 1.49 mi (2.4k) in 15:08.2, that's a 10:09 pace.

After work, I went to RCIA, the final time before Easter. I am going to miss this part of my life, I really grew to like and appreciate the deacons and my classmates. After RCIA, I came right home for the final fitting of my Miracle Max costume by Lee, it's going to be awesome! We then had some dance practice. I had to show Maeg the borrowed camera, and we took a bunch of semi-candids.

Maeg was behind the camera for a lot of them.

If you'd like to see all the pictures we took, please look here at the set called Borrowed Toy v1.

Thursday I went to Sarah's karaoke birthday party. I arrived at Mic's before anyone started singing. I put my name in, and I was first to sing, Staind's It's Been a While. When no one else wanted to go second, I was second to sing too, Bobby Darin's Beyond the Sea. Other people decided they wanted to sing also, so my streak ended at two. Later, I also sang a third time, Dan Seals All That Glitters is not Gold ... man, that song is a heartstring grabber. I didn't stay very late, but I was happy to celebrate with Sarah.

Sarah Adair, March 30
It's a quartet! Now if we could just decide on a musical style. Photo credit: Sarah

Friday after the dance was the last 'fish' fry of the year, the pasta feed at Saint Pius X. This visit did not disappoint, many more people showed up than I was expecting and a very nice time was had by all. Afterwards I made my way over to the usual Friday dance.

In the late morning on Saturday, I took some more pictures with the borrowed toy, you can see them all at that link, or selected ones below.


The afternoon was quite interesting, it was my RCIA retreat. At the end of the retreat was confession. It is such a life changer. I completely got ruffled while I was in the confessional, and left quite unhappy. Fortunately, I had to time to calm down and think things through, and decided things would be fine. Confession is something I know I should do more often ... for myself.

Saturday night was Kaleb's (sort of) annual Murder Mystery Party. It was roughly based on The Princess Bride movie, and I played Miracle Max. Brianne was that witch Valerie ... wait, she's not a witch, she's my wife. This was my second murder mystery party, and I confess I was no closer than the first one to guessing the murderer correctly ... and I'm still a little confused about my part in it, but it's okay, my character was a little confused too. A big shout out to Kaleb for hosting this, it was fabulous. Kaleb hired Christopher Tierney to photograph the event, so if you like to see his stills of all the characters, they are here, including Brianne and I here.

Maggie "Are you the murderer?"
Ben "I invoketh my right to not incriminateth myself". Photo credit: Matt

I've walked by the place where it was held at 1000 times and not noticed. It is Lucille's in the Old Market and it is a very nice space. Photo credit: Matt

Get away from the baby, witch! Photo credit: Matt

You can see all of Matt's pictures of the party here, no, I didn't take any.

Sunday it was church and lawn work, just a nice relaxing day.

Next Week: Easter

***Note: this entry has been edited, um, twice***

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